May 04, 2018

A Letter From Louisiana

May 4th, Louisiana

Dear H------,

The journey has been long and arduous. We have ridden our horses until they collapsed beneath us, starving, and slept rough in weather both harsh and fair as we journeyed toward Louisiana. We heard tell of strange new things, of things that will improve the hunt, and our skills as Hunters. One told me of something he called traits, things that lend powers to kill and to heal to those who won them. Another spoke of new weapons, and more powerful, though I suspect that upon our arrival we will find that far more awaits us than we expect.

Join us, please, if you can. The dangers are many, and we first test these new tools in order to protect those who know nothing of what has crept from the darkness between the worlds—and what is at stake. We need your numbers, for in them, we have a greater chance of strength and safety. Join us, and share your thoughts, be they kind or malicious. Many more will follow soon, but those who join our ranks now will be of immeasurable value to the cause.

Yours in life, yours in death,


Content Update 1 is now live on the Hunt Test Server. If you own a copy of the game, Hunt Test Server will appear in your library as a separate title and you can access it there as you would any other game. Give it a try and let us know what you think—every single person who plays the game and gives us feedback will help us to polish the patch for full release.

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