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What are Twitch Drops?
Twitch Drops are rewards you can earn by watching selected Hunt: Showdown streams on Twitch. Watch any participant of the Bayou Bowl IV tournament on September 9th & 10th during the allotted time frame to earn free in-game rewards.  
When is the “Bayou Bowl IV” campaign running?
The Bayou Bowl campaign will be active on the following days:
  • September 9th @ 16:30 UTC – 20:30 UTC (12:30 EDT - 16:30 EDT)
  • September 10th @ 16:30 UTC – 20:30 UTC (12:30 EDT - 16:30 EDT)
What rewards can I earn in Bayou Bowl IV Twitch Drops?
During the Bayou Bowl IV Twitch Drops Campaign, you can earn several “Bayou Bowl Supply Crates” by watching specific Bayou Bowl participants, or the Twitch channel. A list of participants can be found here.

Bayou Bowl Supply Crates:

Bayou Bowl Supply Crates are like the Supply Crates from previous Drops. Each Crate will grant you 6 non-Legendary in-game items such as weapons and tools/consumables.

Unlock requirements:
  • Watch any Bayou Bowl IV participant during the tournament on Sept 9th & 10th to claim your Supply Crates.
  • Each Crate can be claimed after 45 minutes of watch time.
  • Drops will only be active for 4 hours per day (16:30 UTC – 20:30 UTC on September 9th & 10th), while the Bayou Bowl IV tournament is live.
  • Each Crate will contain 6 non-Legendary items:
    1. 1 x Large Slot Weapon
    2. 1 x Medium Slot Weapon
    3. 1 x Small Slot Weapon
    4. 3 x Tools or Consumables
What is the process to link my game account and Twitch account?
  1. Click the button Link Account on the Twitch Drops Hunt: Showdown page.
  2. Select which platform you want to link: Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox.
  3. Log in to your game account to verify that you are the owner.
  4. Authorize your Twitch account to allow Hunt: Showdown permission to access some information related to your Twitch account. Please confirm you are using the correct Twitch account before proceeding.
  5. Once authorized, you will be redirected to the Hunt: Showdown Twitch Drops page where you can confirm the account is connected.
Do I always need to be logged in to the game?
No, you do not need to have the game open while watching. However, to earn the rewards, you must be using the correct Twitch account when watching the Hunt: Showdown streamers participating in the Bayou Bowl. If you're not logged in, you will not accumulate time towards the Drops progress, and you won't receive rewards.

You do not need to have the game open while watching. You can check the progress you are making at the Twitch Drops Inventory page. Once a reward has been claimed through the Drops Page on Twitch, the unlock pop-up will appear in-game upon next login.
What can I do if linking my Twitch account fails?
The most common cause of a failed account connection is that one or more of your accounts may already be linked. You can check the current Twitch connections by logging into your Twitch account, select "Settings" and then the "Connections" tab. This will display a list of the accounts that are connected and will allow you to add or remove connections as you wish.

If you encounter further issues with account linking, please contact customer support.

Note: Our customer support team is unable to add, remove, or otherwise alter any link between your Twitch account and any other service. The team will be happy to provide support and guidance on how to correctly link your account, but please be aware they cannot make any direct changes to the linked accounts.
I linked my account during the last campaign, do I need to re-link my account?
Your account link should carry over from the last Twitch Drops event, however we highly recommend checking your connection status through the Twitch Drops Campaign page and on

Make sure to double check both pages to make sure you do not miss any of the rewards.
Which streamers can I watch during the Campaign?
You can watch any participant in the Bayou Bowl IV tournament or the Twitch channel to earn the rewards during this campaign.

You can check our Twitch Drops streamer page here for a full list of the tournament participants.
I claimed the drops reward through Twitch, but it's not appearing in-game?
First you will need to make sure you have claimed the item through the Drops reward page:

Next, you will need to make sure you have also linked your account through our Drops page here:

Please note, it can take some time for the items to process and appear in-game. If you continue to experience issues after this time, please refer to our help article here:
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