August 08, 2019

A new set of challenges emerge…

Dear Hunters,

Today I have important occasion to write. Though the threat looms ever present, and preys on the minds of all who know the truth, today I would call upon you, faithful Hunters, to complete a set of special contracts. You will not be able to complete these tasks alone; only by working together can we overcome this challenge.

There will be but limited time to complete these contracts, but they will carry a significant reward. Today I can share with you the first of these. Upon its completion, I will be at liberty to share with you the next.

This first contract is thus: Go out into the Bayou and kill 20,000 boss targets.

Do not hesitate. Ready your guns, alert the others, and prepare to take out as many targets as you can, be they Spiders, Butchers, or Assassins – it matters not which you kill, any target will do.

As you know, the situation in this region has been deteriorating for some time. One of those who has been studying the phenomenon for some time believes that this might provide him with some vital piece of information that will help us unravel the entire mystery. It could help us stop this threat. We must do everything in our power to find this information, though it may seem like madness now.

Should you, as a group, manage to complete this contract, each individual will be rewarded with 50 Blood Bonds. Those Hunters who do not survive will have their Bonds transferred to their Bloodline.

Though I cannot yet reveal what the second and third contracts will be, I can tell you that the reward for that second contract will be 100 Blood Bonds, and for the third, a further 150 Blood Bonds.

We must work quickly, for all three challenges must be completed by the 18th of August on the Test Server. Each of you stands to gain a total of 300 Blood Bonds, a currency we all hold dear.

And take note! Should you manage to complete the first three contracts in time, we can join together once more for a fourth and final Community Contract on the Live Server, one that could earn you an exclusive weapon to mark your participation in this noble task.

Look in the usual places for updates on our progress, and the ever approaching deadline.

Good luck, Hunters.

Elwood Finch

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