August 14, 2019

A Recap of Our Developer Live Streams

With Hunt's 1.0 update, we will be introducing a lot of new features, as well as a huge variety of changes. Because reading the patch notes can be daunting (they are so huge that this time, we divided them into three parts), we wanted to recap all of our Developer Live Streams, which cover a lot of the material 1.0 will have to offer as well.

In total, we have five key 1.0 Developer Live Streams, covering a variety of topics:

Stream 1: It's Legendary

In the first stream, we gave players their first look at Hunt's Legendary content, prestige rewards, and some economy changes. The Legendary content segment introduces some of the Legendary Hunter characters that players will be able to earn and recruit and shows off several of the upcoming Legendary weapons.

Stream 2: Changes on the Horizon

Our second Hunt Developer Live Stream focused more on overall changes - for example, an overhaul of the Spider! – as well as introducing some new traits and weapon variants. We also discuss some of the changes to our AI, and weapon changes.

Stream 3: Bad as They Seem

In the third Hunt Developer Live Stream, we finally showed off our long-requested female Hunter characters! After introducing the female Hunters, we discussed new grunt variations, as well as how having a diverse AI cast reboots the entire Hunt experience.

Stream 4: The Trinity

In the fourth Hunt Developer Live Stream, we were finally able to announce that our all-time-most-requested feature - teams of three - is coming to Hunt! During this stream, we cover everything there is to know about hunting with a third partner. But that's not all: we also cover the complete UI overhaul coming to 1.0, and show off the new look.

Stream 5: The Devil Is in the Details

But wait, there's more! Because four streams just weren't enough to showcase everything that our full release has to offer, we did a fifth Developer Live Stream to cover some of the details we hadn't had time to discuss previously. In this stream, we go over additional small changes, and show off a new tutorial, a kill assist feature, new accolades, and even more prestige rewards!

So if you have some time to spare and want to get an idea of all the new content coming up for our full release, be sure to catch up on any streams you've missed!

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