June 12, 2017

American Hunters Association

Hunter Initiate,

I am most pleased to have this occasion to write to you, and to welcome you into the American Hunters Association. You will risk more than most could imagine, even for so righteous a cause, but should you succeed the bounty will nourish more than just your wallet.

The Association has existed in various forms for many hundreds of years, yet its legacy is silence—and a world freed from monstrous, mindless cannibalistic beings; free from those empty, corrupted shells once human now looking only to fill that rotting vessel with your flesh. You will have heard tell of what waits for you in the wilds. Do not underestimate its vile power.

I fear that my oath does not allow me to commit further details to paper. Suffice to say we stand shoulder to shoulder in this cause—though warn you I must: not every Hunter would say so, and you must remember that treachery comes in many forms.

In high regard,

Philip Huff Jones, M.D.

Director of the American Hunters Association and
Superintendent of the Louisiana Asylum at Jackson

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