March 24, 2021

As the Crow Flies: The Hunt Anniversary Event Is ON

It is a time to celebrate! Three years of Hunt; three years of victories, challenges, and madness as we fought against the corruption that saturates the Bayou. Something new is approaching; I can feel it in my bones. Put aside your differences, Hunters, and work together to find out what the first act of this new play might bring. Be it friend, or foe, you will know what to do next, and there will be rewards for all who attend.

Hunt: Showdown is celebrating its three-year anniversary this month -- and what a three years it's been! To cap off the month of celebrations, we're kicking off a special event in two acts. The event starts today (March 24 th) and will run until April 12 th.

Everyone who logs in during the event will receive Dark Miasma (a new Legendary Chain pistol) and one Iron Reliquary. More on how the Reliquaries work can be found below in the “How Reliquaries Work" section.

As for how the rest of the even works, keep reading:

Act One: A Murder of Crows

During act one, the entire community will be working together to earn Event Points to *drumroll please* unlock a brand new boss! You can read about the event activities that will earn you Event points in the “How to Earn Event Points" section below. Basically, the Event Points you earn will go into the collective pot, so the more people playing, the quicker we will get to the big reveal.

During act one there are no daily Event Point caps.

Act Two: As the Crow Flies

Once the boss has been unlocked, act two will begin. During this phase of the event, your Event Points will go towards your personal progression to unlock exclusive, event-related gear.

During act two, there the daily cap on Event Points goes into effect. Once you hit the Event Point cap for each day, you can still play the event, but instead of receiving Event Points, you will be rewarded with Hunter XP for the rest of that day.

How to Earn Event Points

Event Points speed up your progression, and speeding up your progression will get you to that sweet event-gear faster.

You can earn Event Points by:

  • Destroying small bird models (1 Event Point)
  • Destroying large bird models (2 Event Points)
  • Destroying a murder of crows (1 Event Point)
  • Investigating event-related clues and rifts (2 Event Points)
  • Killing a boss (3 Event Points)

And additionally only during act two:

  • Killing the new boss (6 Event Points)

After the event is over, any Event Points you have leftover will be converted automatically to Hunt Dollars.

Though they house the most sacred of Hunter's relics, the Reliquaries have been corrupted - perhaps even cursed. Use a Reliquary, and your (and any teammate's) Event Points will soar. But, alas, you will not be able to touch the Reliquary's contents, and the artefact inside will, instead, be automatically gifted to one randomly chosen player in your match.

Or to put it plainly: Reliquaries will boost Event Points for you and your entire team during the match when you used the Reliquary, and at the same time gift random player(s) from your match with valuable Hunter relics – and Reliquaries will only be available during the event. Check it out:

Iron Reliquary – 20% Event Point boost for the match, a gift for one random player in your match, price: 199 Blood Bonds

Silver Reliquary – 50% Event Point boost for the match, a gift for three random players in your match, price: 349 Blood Bonds

Ivory Reliquary – 100% Event Point boost for the match, a gift for every player in your match, price: 999 Blood Bonds

Get Reliquaries in the roster or in the event store, and use them during a match, like you would any other consumable. If you use a Reliquary in a match but there are some gifts leftover (if, for example, there weren't enough other players in the match with you to distribute all the available gifts), they will be gifted during your next match automatically. Information about what gifts you've given and whether there are any leftovers remaining to be given out during the next match can be found on the last match information page.

Reliquary gifts can include:

  • Hunt Dollars
  • Blood Bonds
  • Hunter slots
  • Bloodline XP
  • Upgrade points (3 UPs per Hunter in your current roster)
  • Legendary unlock (you will not get a copy of the weapon itself, but it will be unlocked for purchase in the store)
  • Legendary Hunter
  • Legendary equipment (you will get one piece of the equipment in question – not the unlock)
  • Equipment

Event Hunter and Gear

The Plague Doctor

An encounter with a resurgent outbreak turned the Plague Doctor to arcane methods of fighting pestilence. Convinced that New Orleans represents its evolution, he arrived to treat it with fire, lead, and his own array of ministrations.

The Shrike

Like its namesake, this butchering blade stealthily impales its prey on its insatiable, beak-like spike. The addition of a Bomb Lance's explosive charge, it is said, was added by Scrapbeak themselves, just after their gruesome transformation.

Dark Miasma

Though long out of favor with upstanding physicians, some few continued their study of the miasma's connection to the spread of disease. Did the corruption in New Orleans arrive on the dark breath of those noxious night vapors? No matter, for a shot of this Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol will purify the air - and clear the room of any undesirable human elements.

Sweet Briar

The thorniest briars harbor the sweetest fruits, and the Sweet Briar is so named for its promise to hook clean and burst true. A Sticky Bomb suited to killing both beast and bird, it scatters bone to feed new thorn shoots.

Scavenger's Snare

Scavenging is a dirty business, its Hunter-practitioners not prone to patience. The Scavenger's Snare can expediate the process of separating owner from goods -- or destroy that which you do not wish others to find.

The Marrow

Splintered bones can be set, torn skin stitched, and burns dressed and salved. This First Aid Kit has been passed from Hunter to Hunter – both talisman and burden. Though it can heal even wounds that cut right down to the marrow, it always takes some small – if intangible – token in return.

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