March 08, 2023

Celebrating Women in Hunt!

Happy International Women's Day!

Hunters, as you know the Bayou can be a harsh and lethal place, but we're proud to say that our Hunt: Showdown community is one that's open to everyone. Today we're proud to celebrate International Women's Day and the outstanding women in our community.

As part of the celebrations we would like to shine a light on some of the women below who have made an outstanding contribution to the Hunt: Showdown community:

  • Kiteera
  • Rxysurfchic
  • JustBree
  • JacJac
  • Kerrty
  • MelPlaysAround
  • LunarFelis
  • Failish
  • WhiskyFrizz
  • Holthe93
  • Azuki
  • Morgan
  • xxMalaBrujaxx
  • Pumpknnn
  • GoGoJessi
  • Duffris
  • Ezotica
  • Angejla
  • BigRussianMum
  • EvoSays
  • Bearki
  • Purrluna

As we celebrate Hunt: Showdown's 5th anniversary, we want to thank the above and the women in our community from the bottom of our hearts for adding your voice and presence to Hunt. We couldn't have made it this far without your support—we treasure your strength and power. Happy International Women's Day! Check out the special video below:

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Another part of the celebrations is our “Hell Hath No Fury" bundle which include fan favorites from the past and a brand-new Legendary DLC, Biatatá- Still Waters Run Deep, which is also available for separate purchase.

Highlights include:

Biatatá - Still Waters Run Deep

“Like the legends of Biatatá, Beatriz Ribeiro Valente was a creature of fire trapped underwater. From the beaches of Salvador to the damps of the Bayou, she learned her flames could not be quenched. With nowhere to belong, she rose to set the world ablaze.“

Frau Perchta

“The myths of midwinter recall a time of reckoning: gifts for the good, retribution for the bad. The reckoners, few and far between, have been softened by time. But not Perchta, from ancient alpine valleys, where punishments are dealt with a blade at dusk, and trees gifted with rotten garlands at dawn.“

“In midwinter, the days are short, and it is the dusk and dark that rules over the dawn and light. Perchta only grows more feverous as the days shorten, for in the dark her truest form takes hold, and the light cowers from her fury."

The full list of Legendary Hunters in the “Hell Hath No Fury" bundle:

  • Biatatá- Still Waters Run Deep
  • Frau Perchta- a DLC which has two versions
  • Prescient Night
  • Prodigal Daughter
  • Deaths Herald
  • The Lawless
  • Llorona's Heir
  • Zhong Kui

As you know, the world of Hunt is always evolving. And so will the “Hell Hath No Fury" bundle. We have a second iteration of the bundle landing later this month for a limited time only, which will be updated to include the following Hunters:

  • La Luz Mala
  • Reap what you Sow
  • They Came From Salem
  • Legends of the Bayou
  • The Concubine
  • Spirit of Nian
  • The Arcane Archaeologist

The “Hell Hath No Fury" bundle available now will only be on sale for a limited period before the content changes. However, if you buy the first one you will also be able to purchase the second iteration and add the extra content to your account. Stay tuned to our socials for more information about when this version of the bundle drops.

To the women who have helped created Hunt to those you playing it today, and women all around the world, the Hunt Team is proud to celebrate you all this International Women's Day.

See you in the bayou,

Your Hunt: Showdown Community Team

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