October 30, 2017

Contest: Become the voice of a monster

Do you know what the undead sound like as they wrap their lips around the intestines of a dying horse? We hope so. We're having a contest.

You record the audio to go with a video of one of the monsters in Hunt, we award the best with some limelight and Hunt merch.

How to enter

1. Download the contest video clips here.

2. Record audio for one (and only one) clip. The file must be smaller than 5mb and an .mp3.

3. Upload the video with your audio on your YouTube channel AND submit your entry via the entry form between now and November 7, 3pm CET.

Selecting the winners

On November 8th a jury of five will review all of the

entries and select three finalists. We'll feature the finalists on the official

Hunt YouTube channel, and

at that point you can vote for your favorite. You will then have until November

11th at 1 PM CET to vote for your favorite by liking their video.

Recording tips

One of our in-house audio gurus has provided a few pointers for getting the best sounding growls, screams, moans, and death rattles:

· Record in a quiet


· Record with a

projecting, loud voice.

· Stand close enough

to the microphone…

· …but not too close

that the sound overdrives and clips.

· Be a convincing

grunt but don't eat anybody's intestines.


The winner will receive a Hunt t-shirt, a poster, and the limelight in a community feature video.

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