July 09, 2021

DeSalle is here!

Dear Hunters, we are MASSIVELY EXCITED to let you know that our new map, DeSalle, is live now on PC Servers as well as coming to consoles in early August.

DeSalle has been a long time coming, our first map release in three years, and brings the roster of Hunt maps to three, joining Still Water Bayou and Lawson Delta. It's been a much-requested feature from so many of you in the community, and we hope you agree with us that it has been worth the wait.

So, what awaits you in DeSalle? DeSalle is designed to bring you a wide range of new gameplay possibilities and experiences. It brings a new foreboding autumnal theme to the bayou and 16 distinct new areas, bringing together two sprawling urban towns, plus industrial and farmyard areas.

From a design perspective, it combines a lot of the forest and vegetation from Still Water Bayou and many of the interconnected compounds and boss fight areas from Lawson Delta, offering you far more routes and approaches towards your targets and more variation in gameplay. The map brings a lot more verticality to play as well, with plenty of areas for you to take the high ground. You'll also have to keep your eyes out for new "Miner Grunt" enemies who will look to blind you with the lights on their helmets!

Let's take a deeper look at some of the new areas in DeSalle. Two towns merge into each other, featuring saloons, banks, churches, and more, offering you the chance to roam through buildings or stake out enemies as you hunt your targets street by street. A large quarry and coal mine offer more rugged surroundings to fight through, while you'll need to hold your nerve when exploring a creepy mansion, complete with a blood fountain!

Here's a list of notable locations and their names in DeSalle:

• Prison - Pelican Island Prison

• Watermill - Weeping Stone Mill

• Church - First Testimonial Church

• Coal Mine - Kingsnake Mine

• Coal Train Fill Station - Stanley Coal Company

• Pig Farm - Heritage Pork

• Mansion Farmlands - Pearl Plantation

• Chicken Farm - Moses Poultry

• Fish Farm - Forked River Fishery

• Log Shipping - Ash Creek Lumber

• Town 1 Bank - Upper De Salle

• Horse Farm - Seven Sisters Estate

• Wooden Fort - Fort Bolden

• Shipyard - Darin Shipyard

• Quarry - Reeves Quarry

• Town 2 Saloon - Lower De Salle

This is a big release for us, and a lot of work goes into the creation, design, and balancing of a map. We know it's been a long time coming, and we appreciate your patience. Now it's over to you – we can't wait to see you securing bounties in DeSalle, and we look forward to all of your feedback.

See you in DeSalle,


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