January 20, 2022

Developer Update: Performance issues

Hey everyone,

We wanted to give you a quick update on what is going to be happening over the next couple of weeks. We know we have been quiet over the holiday period, but the team is now back at it and working hard on the next updates with a focus on some of the top issues that have been regularly mentioned over the last few weeks.

This post is just a quick update about some of the most pressing topics. In February, we will be posting a much larger blog and video to discuss what is next for Hunt.

Our next update will be 1.7.2 which we plan to release next week on PC, and the week after on consoles. This is the current plan, but as with every update - this is subject to change, but we will keep you in the loop if any delays occur.

Performance issues:

For the last few weeks this has been the biggest topic that has come up from the community. We have been working very hard on this matter already as we see issues like this as a top priority. We know that many of you have been encountering FPS drops, stuttering and in general a decrease in overall performance.
Before the new year, we asked the community to send us ETW captures to help us with this investigation. The ones we received were incredibly helpful so thank you for that. The captures allowed us to find some potential causes for the performance issues that have been encountered. In some instances, we noticed a drop in performance related to the steam overlay as some of you pointed out in previous threads.

With Update 1.7.2, we will be bringing some tentative fixes for these performance issues. The reason these are tentative is because some of the more specific performance related issues have been hard to pin down. These fixes may not solve the problems for everyone so we will monitor performance after the release of 1.7.2 and will continue to work on further fixes where required.

Compounds not loading:

This is another tentative fix that will come with 1.7.2. This issue has been a very strange one as this had a very low reproduction rate. We have attempted to narrow down a potential cause and hope that this fix will resolve the problem.

We will be keeping a close eye on this one after the release of Update 1.7.2 so please let us know if you continue to experience this after the update.

Low resolution textures on Console:

We know that this has been a concern mainly from the console community since 1.7. As you may have guessed from the other points; a fix for this will also be coming with 1.7.2.

As mentioned at the start of the post, we will have some detailed blogs and videos coming in February where we will try to address as many topics as possible. We will also have a Developer Live Stream next week to go through everything that is coming with Update 1.7.2

The Hunt Team

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