January 06, 2023

Devil’s Moon: Dusk Cries Perchta while Dawn Whispers

To mark the arrival of Perchta to the bayou at the height of the Devil's Moon, we've released an additional record from the researcher's archive.


Journal entry, Luna Wolf

Handwritten, original


Our hunt goes on and the inferno burns. The moon weeps. Leo's tracks were lost in the flames. Remus is quiet now. We cursed the boy out the pack when we gave him a lion's name.

In the night howl and the fire crack I heard the name of one who could help. Then more, and more, until I feel I know her already. She is like us, of old ways, of fur and tooth. She is of the land, and follows her own path, not to be swayed by weak men to kill for others' names. She is wild, like us. A whelp of the night, of the moon. Fate draws her to me.

Perchta. The howls echoed her bright, and when a cloud passed the moon, it echoed dark. In the crackle of the fire we heard the same, as it darkened to lick a log, then brightened when it was ready to feast. Perchta has two sides. She might kill us or help us. I have not told this to Remus.

The more I listen to night howl, and the fire crack, the more clearly I hear Perchta coming. The message is becoming clear. That we know if she comes at dawn, fate will take us down one path. At dusk, fate will choose another. Our hunt for Leo will end. The lonely howl will stop. He will come back to us, or we will kill him, and our pack will be whole again.


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