January 17, 2023

Devil’s Moon: La Luz Mala Herald the Moon

Letter found in DeSalle Train Station author known to others as 'The Concubine,'

Handwritten, original

Undated, recipient unknown

Dear friend, I apologize for confusion I cause due to my lack of knowledge of your tongue and customs. I am a stranger in this place, but now a stranger with goal and purpose.

I reconsidered your suggestion after our last encounter and searched long to find the boy. I got lost, deep in the bayou. It was dark, clouds covered sky. It was a light that brought me out that place. It bobbed in the distance, at eye level. With no other option, I followed it. When I reached it, the clouds parted and there was the moon.

The moon led me to the boy. He reminds me of my brother. May fate be different. There is heavy responsibility on his shoulders. But we support him, and his back would never touch the ground with our company.

The boy's followers look at me suspiciously. They know I am different. They regard me an outsider. But one, a woman from another far place. They call her Luz Mala. Though even a knife would not open her mouth, I sometimes hear her speak in a tongue I am not familiar with. I know what things pass through her mind. Her dark eyes burn with vengeance, something we both share, and this bringing us together.

There is more to this than the boy. Though some follow him, it is the moon that he follows. Do I believe it? I do not know. But there are devils here, there is light, and there is darkness. In this raging inferno the only way is follow the guides that dance in the night.



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