December 19, 2022

Devil’s Moon: The Return of The Skinflint and Devil’s Advocate

To mark the limited-time availability of The Skinflint and Devil's Advocate in conjunction with Devil's Moon, we've released an additional record from the researcher's archive.


Note, stapled into Skinflint's ledger, Timothy Stone

Handwritten, original.



The names listed on this page should only be given to clients who are made aware of the conditions. The persons, to which these names once belonged, found themselves in odd circumstances at their time of death. They were hunters, they led a dismal life of notoriety and violence. There's no telling how many States they were wanted in, how many sons and daughters are out for revenge on them.

But – the names do hold a unique value. The names of these hunters have been consumed by the inferno, as they called it. As such, much like the evidence of Chary's other crimes, their physical forms have been destroyed, totally consumed by the fire. There is no hope of their deaths being discovered. The names are safe, in that regard – safer than others.

Be wary of those who would choose such a name. Of those who would take papers of the doomed, with unknown shadows baying for their blood. One name – Henry Trapp – has already been promised to one of Chary's most feverish supporters. The one who first started the fires. Who wants to burn it all up. Turn this bayou to ash. We know him as the Devil's Advocate.


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