April 02, 2020

Fire Fight Australian Relief Bundle – A Thank You

In February, we announced the Fight Fire Bundle – a DLC pack for Hunt: Showdown themed around New Orleans' fire fighters of the 1890s – and promised that the proceeds from that bundle would go toward fire relief efforts in Australia. A lot has happened in the world since, and though the fires have subsided and new troubles have arisen, that relief is still very much needed to set the damage right again. So we are happy to announce that thanks to your generous participation, we will be donating 73,000 USD to Wires, Australia's largest wildlife rescue organization.

Wildlife relief efforts continue to be necessary, and Wires has confirmed their commitment to wildlife rescue as we face the additional threat of pandemic:

“With the coronavirus outbreak crippling society worldwide we continue to face unprecedented events. WIRES rescue team has been set up to work remotely so that we can continuously support the community and wildlife taking calls 7 days a week to provide wildlife rescue advice and assistance.

“Vets have been confirmed as an essential service, enabling them to operate should stricter lock down conditions be enforced and we are sharing up to date COVID-19 wildlife rescue advice for community members and volunteer rescuers, to ensure wildlife can be assisted safely during this crisis."

Thank you to everyone who purchased the Fire Fight Bundle!

Fire Fight Bundle Details

Though the donation collection period is over, the Fire Fight bundle will still be available to Hunt players in the in-game store – previously 7.99 and now just 5.99. The Fire Fight Bundle contains two new Hunt weapons – a heavy knife and a Sparks LRR.

The New Orleans Fire Department began in April of 1829, when a group of men organized a volunteer fire department called the Fireman's Charitable Association. After 62 years of volunteer service, the New Orleans Fire Department became a paid fire-fighting force in 1891 – just four years before the main action of Hunt takes place.

In October of 1895, a fire that started in a tenement building took out most of the New Orleans West Bank neighborhood of Algiers. Horse-drawn fire trucks arrived to fight the blaze, but they were unable to stop the fire's spread. In memory of these historic fire fights, and with our hats raised to the fire fighters working tirelessly across Australia, then and now, we dedicate this bundle.

Algiers Phoenix

Christened by the New Orleans Fire Department, the Algiers Phoenix helped several victims “rise from the ashes" when it freed them from the flames devouring the Algiers neighborhood. A heavy knife handy both in an emergency, and in the field.

Fire Torn

Charred but not destroyed, this Sparks LRR is not a testament to the destructive power of fire, but to the resilience of that which withstands it. A symbol of hope for rejuvenation.


You can get a copy of the Fire Fight bundle here.

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