November 13, 2019

Gunslinger vs Hunter

Hunt has two control schemes: Hunter and Gunslinger. What's the difference?

The short answer is that the Hunter control scheme promotes a deliberate, risk-aware play style by giving you more control over melee attacks (but you can only fire while actively aiming), while the Gunslinger control scheme promotes a classic, action-oriented play style by keeping your guns up and ready to fire (but limits flexibility during melee combat when using a controller).

It is a subtle difference that can slightly benefit different play styles, but in the end, the two modes have a lot in common. Check out the details below.

Gunslinger vs Hunter

What's the same?

1. Sprinting Rules

In Gunslinger, sprinting lowers your weapon. Taking a shot will stop the sprint, just like it does in Hunter. It isn't much of an advantage over Hunter—just fewer button presses— and just like in Hunter, in Gunslinger you cannot sprint while throwing items or healing yourself.

2. Movement Speed

When we first introduced Gunslinger mode, some players assumed that Gunslingers would not slow down when aiming while moving. But that is not that case! Both Gunslingers and Hunters move at the same speed while aiming. If aiming while in Hunter feels slower, it may be an illusion of perception caused by the change of FoV (Field of View) when aiming. But we promise that both have the same movement speed–both when aiming down sights (ADS) and using shoulder aim.

3. Aiming Timing

Though aiming is automatic in Gunslinger, there is no difference in timing. Check out the video below:

What's different?

1. Melee Combat

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, Hunters have a slight advantage when it comes to melee combat—but only when the Gunslingers are using a controller. When using a controller in Gunslinger, it can be hard to use the right stick for aiming while at the same time holding it down to prime a heavy attack. This means that controller-wielding Gunslingers are slightly less flexible during the melee combat often needed during a round of Hunt to avoid attracting the attention of enemies. When using a keyboard and mouse, there is not much difference in the execution of melee combat between Hunter and Gunslinger.

2. Using Consumables and Tools

Because Gunslingers are always in the aim state, most items can be used immediately without having to press a second button to prepare them for use. For example, Gunslingers only have to press one button to use a med kit or throw a bomb.

3. FoV

FoV settings vary slightly between PC and console—which of course means they affect the control schemes slightly differently as well.

On PC: Because Gunslingers are always aiming, aiming FoV is applied at all times too, while Hunters' FoV changes between the aiming and non-aiming state. Players can easily compensate by changing the FoV slider under options. While there is a difference with max FoV, it is usually no problem to nudge it up one or two ticks to get your previous FoV feeling back. ADS, however, is the same for both.

On console: Because console players have a narrow default FoV value and no FoV slider, this is handled slightly differently. Namely, we do not apply aiming FoV at all times with Gunslinger because that would risk causing problems for players that experience nausea with a narrow FoV. Instead it matches the idle FoV for Hunter which means the Gunslinger has a wider FoV when in shoulder aim, while ADS will be the same for both.

This might also mean that shots in shoulder aim are less accurate since the camera is not as zoomed in, but we felt comfortable with this change since most shots are taken in ADS in Hunt. When a player fires in shoulder aim, they tend to be using weapons that are mostly unaffected by the small inaccuracy, for example with shotguns or when the target is close enough that the change of FoV doesn't make a noticeable difference.

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