October 26, 2021

Halloween 2021: The Harvest

Mischief and play dance in the air as the trees begin to fall asleep and the nights grow cooler. Something has begun to grow in the earth and sprout to entice all who look upon it. Devils and apparitions till the soil and nurture the plants for their fiendish schemes and it is all but assured that when it is time to pick the bounty that evil has grown, all will suffer by their tricks.

Hunters have reported feeling strange around the gourds that have popped up around the Hunt. They're said to draw you in and whisper delights into your ear. The yellow pumpkins beg to be destroyed; to be trampled and shot and sliced until they are nothing but feed for crows. Some have come back feeling strange after encountering those yellow pumpkins, that their odd, sweet scent makes them lose themselves in joy and pleasure and when they wake up hours may have gone by. The AHA originally wanted Hunters to avoid pumpkins at all costs but more began to grow and the Hunt became perilous. So, there is only one thing to do: Get rid of them all as quickly as possible.

It is once again that time of year hunters: Halloween has come so The Harvest has begun! From now until the 9 th of November, you'll have the chance to unlock exclusive equipment themed around the eerie season. To get the gear, you'll need to collect special Event Points, which you can do by heading into the bayou and:

  • Destroying pumpkins scattered through the map (2 Event Points)
  • Destroy Pumpkins near the Spider and the Assassin's Lairs (2 Event points)
  • Destroy Scrapbeak's dropped pumpkins (2 Event Points)
  • Destroying scarecrows (3 Event Points)
  • Loot Hunter Corpses (4 Event Points)
  • Destroying the Butcher's pumpkin head (6 Event points)

Want to rack up more points during each Hunt? A Wormseed Shot will do just the trick. Equip a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Wormseed Shot in Bounty Hunt, and use one to increase the amount of Event Points earned in that match by 15%, 25%, and 50% respectively. As a bonus, each Wormseed Shot will allow you to see event items in Dark Sight at greater distances: With Bronze allowing you to see 5m farther, Silver 10m farther, and Gold 15m farther with a cap of 70m. Need more? Buy them in the store using Blood Bonds. Using more than one will multiply the effect, and the effect will also apply to any Hunters on your team – so get your friends together and really rake in the points! Just for launching Hunt at least once during the event, you'll receive one Bronze Wormseed Shot.

It takes 1000 Event Points to unlock all the Halloween goodies. Up to 10000 points you earn over that will be considered a Bonus and converted into Hunt Dollars at the end of the event. Your additional Wormseed Shots will be converted to Blood Bonds.

Each day, there's a cap on the amount of Event Points which you can earn. On the first day, you will cap out at 200 points. Once you hit the cap for that day, you can still play the event, but you won't rack up any more Event Points. On the second day, your point total caps out at 500. (If you capped out on day one with 200 points, then this means on day two, you can earn 300 points. On the third day of the event your points cap out at 800. On the fourth day, your Event Points will cap out at 1000. If you keep hitting event goals after the daily cap, you will receive Hunter XP instead:

· Destroying Pumpkins scattered through the map – 50 XP

· Destroying Scarecrows– 75 XP

· Destroying Butcher's Pumpkin - 150 XP

· Looting Hunter corpse – 100 XP

Dark Sight will be capped at 70 meters with Wormseed Shots, and they do not boost Hunter XP once the daily cap is reached. However, keep using them to help your teammates who haven't reached their daily cap. It is time Hunters: Get ready for countless nights of hellish delights!

Event Hunter and Gear

The Headsman

We fear what we cannot see and hide from what horrors we do. Face serrated by scars, hands calloused by the swing of the axe, and mind warped by violence both witnessed and committed, The Headsman donned the executioner's robe and hood both to terrify and to hide.

The Marwood

A shot from this Caldwell Rival 78 can wake the dead – and put them back in the ground. Fashioned from the wood of a hanging tree and adorned with the rope of a well-worn noose.

Closed Casket

The shot of this Mighty Mosin-Nagant Obrez Mace has been cause of more than one closed-casket funeral and filled many more unmarked graves.

The Executioner

A sharp axe is an executioner's most trusted tool, and this Combat Axe can slice through the flesh of a pumpkin as easily as it can sever the neck of a man.

And don't forget to check out the Event Store to buy Halloween-themed items for Blood Bonds you might have missed from last year like Boneshard, Scapula, Backbone, and Skeleton Key!


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