October 30, 2020

Halloween Event Gear

Something very wicked this way comes…your Hunter perhaps, toting one of the ghoulish weapons we've created exclusively for the Hunt: Showdown Halloween Event!

Our Halloween Event started two days ago, and if you need more information about that, you can get the details from our last blog post or Halloween Developer Live Stream.

The Halloween gear is event-exclusive, so once it's over, it'll disappear in a puff of green smoke, and you won't be able to get those skeletal hands on it anymore. Get it while it's as hot as the candle your jack-o'-lantern.

Today we wanted to introduce the new Halloween weapons and rear. Check it out:

The Wormseed Shot

The Wormseed Shot is a vile concoction that intensifies one's affinity with the spirit world. When taken, it increases your and your partners' Event Points from that mission by 25%. Multiple can be equipped, and the effect stacks.

Bone Shard

The first Hunter to fall in the bayou left little more behind than a few splinters of bone and scraps of skin. Their partner survived, and memorialized their fallen comrade's remains in this deadly Caldwell Pax Claw, ensuring that they could continue to hunt together, forevermore.


Infamous for its role in a local killer's misdeeds, this Romero Hatchet was fashioned in a moment of hallucinatory desperation. Its handle formed of a human leg bone and the blade a sharpened shoulder blade, it gave its bearer a cruel new lease of life.

Skeleton Key

Ash to ash and bone to bone. Though but a hand's length of sharpened human femur, this knife finds its way straight to its target every time, like seeking like, opening up the flesh like a key, and cutting off the life force in a flick of the wrist.


For a high price, a Hunter can perform a ritual and by attaching bones from the recently dead to their firearms, channel the skills of the fallen. Be it superstition or truth, the bearer of this Vetterli exhibited supernatural prowess in the field, shattering the bones of many more.

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