August 09, 2018

Hunt Code of Conduct

In case you missed it, we recently published a code of conduct for all Hunt: Showdown players, to make sure everybody knows what to expect from the game's community. We want Hunt to be a game that everyone can enjoy, and to make sure that is possible, please be sure to follow the guidelines below when you're hanging out in official Hunt spaces. And as always, happy hunting…

Hunt Code of Conduct

We want everyone that plays Hunt: Showdown to have a great experience. With this aim, we ask that you agree to the following code of conduct when using Hunt: Showdown VoIP or text chats, official Hunt: Showdown forums, and any other official Hunt social channels.

  • Be respectful of other Hunt players.
  • Keep conversations free of any content that is vulgar, excessively violent, or contains offensive language.
  • Do not use any discriminatory language, including but not limited to terms regarding ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, religion, sexual preference, or personal beliefs. No slurs and no hate speech.
  • No pornographic or sexually explicit content.
  • Do not stalk, harass, or purposely do anything to make others feel uncomfortable and/or threatened.
  • Do not team kill. Killing your partner is against the spirit of the game.
  • Keep the game fair: do not cheat, do not use third party programs, do not use client-side hacks, and do not exploit bugs and glitches.
  • Don't share any private or account information—yours or that of others.
  • Your Steam name must also comply with the code of conduct.
  • Always make sure to follow the Steam code of conduct, which can be found here.

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