December 13, 2018

Hunt’s Producer on Community Feedback

When we look back at everything that has happened with Hunt: Showdown's development in the ten months since we launched in Early Access, the first thing we have to say is: thank you so much! You, the Hunt community, are the reason we have come so far. You're also the reason we took home the Game Debate Best Early Access Game 2018! It's been a wild ride, and we can't emphasize enough how much all of your feedback and engagement has meant to the team—and how big a role it has played in Hunt's development journey.

Over the past ten months, we've received more than 5000 idea submissions from over 10,000 Hunters in eight categories on our feedback platform ( We've also received countless suggestions on our Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Steam accounts. THANK YOU! Did I already say that? Well, I'll say it again: thank you Hunt Community—you keep us going!

Soon, we'll be moving Hunt's main feedback channel over to the Steam forums (and we've just reorganized so it mirrors the current feedback website experience as closely as possible—check the new area out right here), and of course, as usual, we will also still be listening on all of our social media channels—so don't hesitate to speak up there.

We'll be spending the next several weeks analyzing all of the feedback we've received on the dedicated feedback website since launch, and though we can't individually answer every single message, know that we read every single one. We'll be using the results of that analysis to continue to refine our roadmap for Hunt's full release based on the combined vision that the Hunt dev team and the community have for the game.

Community Feedback We've Implemented

We put together a list of all the features that were added because of community feedback. Thanks to you, Hunt has gotten (in no particular order):

· Death screen

· Send friend request

· Spectator Mode

· Solo Mode/Quickplay

· More graphics options

· Loot to scavenge from the map (Dead Hunters, Cash Registers)

· New AI for the water (Water Devil)

· Daily & Weekly challenges

· A system to discourage camping (Dark Sight Boost)

· Ability to cancel matchmaking

· Ability to burn downed players

· Random boss selection so you don't know what you'll be up against

· Reporting system

· Hunters scream when hurt or killed

· Bunny hopping restriction

· Ability to kill horses

· Push to talk/mute option

· Fall damage

· Higher reward for higher-tier Hunters

· Crouching/standing icon

· Ability to recruit a free Hunter

· Eight additional languages and four server regions (Asia, Oceania, South America, Russia) to accommodate as many Hunter as possible

· Skill-based matchmaking

· Traps

· Partner Inspector

Plans for the Future

We've already added a number of things to our roadmap based on your feedback, and below you'll find a list of additional community-suggested additions that we will be implementing before the game's full release (in no particular order):

· New boss(es)

· Controller Support

· Female Hunters

· Further performance optimization and improvements

· Custom lobbies

· Shooting range

· Full onboarding for new players (including tutorial hints)

· New weapons, traps, gadgets, traits, and world items

· Live events

· In-game announcement system

· Waypoints, markers, tagging

· Outfit selector

· Full telegraph debrief

· New special AI enemy and more variants

· A third map

· A new time of day

· Dual Wielding

· Localization into additional languages and more Server Regions

· Stay in Group feature

This isn't the whole list, however, and you can see it in full on our online roadmap at, and which we will continue to update. As we mentioned above, we'll still be collecting—and listening to—your feedback, so stop by on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Steam to let us know what you think.

One More Thank You

Our final show of gratitude to our invaluable community today is a little more concrete. To celebrate all we've accomplished together, we've discounted Hunt at 25% off on Steam. Go grab copies for all of your friends for the holidays so you can spent the rest of the winter battling it out together in-game.

Thanks again and I hope to see you in game!


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