December 14, 2022

Hunt: Showdown –Devil’s Moon Live Event

LUNAR FEVER TAKES OVER NEW ORLEANS- The talk of the town has been the moon this week as fans of Simon Moore flock to the stands for their copy of the Lunae Diaboli periodical. Readers, young and old, have been enraptured by the tall tales of the young champion Kevin as he fights the dastardly Chary and the horrors he's brought to our very own New Orleans that changed the Bayou forever.

The True Crescent had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Moore about what's next in the thrilling serial, and while he can't tell us much, he promised us that there will be a terrible plan to stop Chary once and for all. We're burning with excitement!"

Hunters, our latest live event begins today and runs through to February 15. More rewards, new story, and new challenges for the duration of the event is just the start. As the Devil's Moon rises, you'll need to choose your side and pledge each of your Hunters to a pact, which will offer you different benefits as you set about racking up those Event Points. “The Inferno" brings map-changing fire to the Bayou on certain days throughout the event. Two new Legendary Hunters are up for grabs – “Ochenkov's Widow" and the "False Saint," alongside new weapons, consumables, and charms. And to celebrate this latest live Event, we also have new DLC and charms available too. It might be winter, but the action in the Bayou is about to get hotter than ever before…

Under the influence of the Devil's Moon, trapped souls must be liberated from across the Bayou. Alongside the new Soul Traps that you will find throughout the maps, we have a range of great new features for this event. Let's take a look at a few below:

The Inferno

On select days during the event “The Inferno" will be unleashed to set parts of the maps on fire. When this happens, you must find new ways to hunt as flames rage in different sections of the maps. How will you hunt when the heat is on?


Replacing Summons for this event, you will get a new set of weekly challenges. The challenges each feature “reward milestones," giving you stars, which will, in turn, be converted to Event Points. There are four categories of increasingly difficult tasks, ranging from low-hanging fruit that will reward you with one star, to skill-based challenges that will reward you with two stars for each completed task. Complete challenges throughout the week, earn the stars, get your Event Points, and then take on the next set of challenges.


We invite you to choose your side for the Devil's Moon event. Pacts are available for those who take Mr. Chary's coin, those who oppose him, or those who wish to tread a neutral path. Tied into the 15-chapter story of the live event, by pledging your Hunter's allegiance to a pact, you will recieve different event benefits, which will suit different play styles. All Hunters who enter the Bayou have chosen their side, but only certain Hunters will benefit from Event Points boosters too. To join a pact, you must earn a Pledge Mark. Once your Event Points cross a certain threshold you can earn a Pledge Mark. You can earn up to three Pledge Marks per match and the most you can hold in your inventory is four.

Here are your pacts below:

The Infernal Pact

"Mr. Chary, was rich. Mr. Chary was powerful. And Mr. Chary had given out a lot of favors. When the time came to choose a side, many stayed with the AHA for the money, for the power, and to clear their debts. Some stayed because they had a history with the association, and others stayed because they refused to fight by the side of their enemies. Mr. Chary assured all that they would be paid handsomely for their loyalty, and his word was as good as gold."

Infernal Pact Hunters:
  • Devil's Advocate
  • Skinflint
  • Night Seer
  • Night Acolyte
  • Hawksaw Jack
  • Private Eye
  • Ochenkov's Widow

The Lunar Pact

“No one really knew what was going on with Chary and the AHA. They just knew it wasn't right. They kept their heads down until a boy and a nun approached them. The boy and the nun were quick to tell folks the truth of the matter: The old AHA was gone, and what Chary was doing with it would cause all of Louisiana to sink into Hell and The Sculptor's Hands. The nun and the boy begged for aid to stop Chary, and many ignored the call. But just a few, with guilt and a sense of justice gnawing at their heart, came to help the boy."

Lunar Pact Hunters:
  • The Redneck
  • The Concubine
  • Witch Hunter
  • Sgt. Bridgewater
  • The Reverend
  • False Saint

The Grounded Pact

“Many observed the chaos for a while and decided that it just wasn't for them. What need did they have for Chary's riches? What need did they have for Kevin's promise of a better future? They all had their reasons for joining the Hunt, and nothing would deter them from their path. So, they would watch, and they would fight, and they would do things like they always did. Nothing would bother them, and if something tried, they would put them in their place with bullets like always."

Grounded Pact Hunters:
  • Frau Perchta
  • The Achaeologist
  • Teche Wraith
  • The Wayferer
  • Luna Wolf
  • Dire Wolf
  • Carcass Gunrunner

Alongside a range of new weapons, consumables, and more, two new Legendary Hunters are up for grabs for this event.

Introducing Ochenkov's Widow:

"When Mary Ochenkov lost her beloved Petr at her own hands, the guilt destroyed her will to live. Mr. Chary used the shell she became to create something terrific, and from deep in Kingsnake Mine came the desperate screams of something terrifying and new. “

Introducing False Saint:

“Kevin Linus endured pain after unimaginable pain for the sake of The Moon and Louisiana. He fought with all his being, thinking death would be his final reward. But fate had a greater plan, and a greater calling.“

Event Points:

You will earn Event Points(EP) for the following activities:

  • Interacting with an event Clue or Rift - 10 EP
  • Starting to banish a boss - 12 EP
  • Extracting a bounty token - 30 EP
  • Interacting with a Soul Trap - 6 EP
  • Destroying Soul Trap - 3 EP
  • Looting an enemy Hunter - 12 EP
  • Becoming a “Soul Survivor" - 30 EP

And Event Points mean prizes. So, onto the full list of rewards on offer!

Rewards and Battle Pass

A new Battle Pass is available for the Devil's Moon event, offering further tiers of rewards depending on if you choose the standard Battle Pass or Premium Battle Pass. Each offers different benefits. There is also a free path.

Battle Pass price: 1500 BBs
  • Serpent Moon Weapon Charm
  • Unlocks Premium Progression
  • Unlocks extra Challenge rewards for faster progression
Battle Pass Premium: 3375 BBs
  • Serpent Moon Weapon Charm
  • Unlocks Premium Progression
  • Unlocks extra Challenge rewards for faster progression
  • Immediately gives 10 levels for the progression with a discount

You cannot upgrade from the standard Battle Pass to the Battle Pass Premium once you have chosen it. However, you can unlock the levels by purchasing them separately, meaning you can play your way if you choose to do so.

New Weapons & Ammo unlocks

The new Battle pass offers you the chance to unlock 51 items across 51 levels, including 2 new Legendary Hunters, 2 Weapon Charms, 5 weapons, 7 Blood Bond prizes worth up to 1000 Blood Bonds in total, 10 Legendary Weapon Skins and 7 types of Custom ammo.

We have highlighted three of our favorite weapons that you can unlock below. The complete list of unlocks are shown on the Devil's Moon rewards chart, alongside the battle pass path they are available for, i.e the free or premium path.

Springfield M1892 Krag

The Springfield M1892 Krag is a bolt-action rifle that holds five rounds in its internal magazine, and one in its chamber. Its magazine lid allows the wielder to top it up from the side, without opening the bolt, and ejecting the chambered round.

Martini Henry Ironside

This Martini-Henry IC1 features a mechanism carrying five extra cartridges in addition to the one in the rifle's chamber which allows the wielder to replace the spent cartridge in quick succession, transforming the weapon into a makeshift repeating rifle.

LeMat Mark II Carbine

The LeMat Mark II's unique design that featured an extra shotgun barrel made it very effective in close quarters. This model transforms it into a rifle with a stock and extended barrel, improving its overall handling and power.

Check the complete list of rewards on offer below:


Reward Type

Reward Name/Counter

In premium or free battle pass


Total EP

1 Weapon Charm Unlock "Iron Arrowhead" Free 1.000 1.000
2 Legendary Skin Unlock Vitality Shot - "Zeal" Premium 1.000 2.000
3 Chapter 1 Free 1.000 3.000
4 Custom Ammo Unlock Springfield 1866 Poison Ammo Free 1.000 4.000
5 Custom Ammo Unlock Caldwell Pax Poison Ammo Free 1.000 5.000
6 Chapter 2 Free 1.000 6.000
7 Weapon Unlock Winfield M1876 Centennial Trauma Free 1.000 7.000
8 Legendary Skin Unlock Winfield M1876 Centennial Trauma - "Smolder" Premium 1.000 8.000
9 Chapter 3 Free 1.000 9.000
10 Custom Ammo Unlock Bomb Lance - Dragon Breath Free 1.000 10.000
11 Custom Ammo Unlock Caldwell Pax Full Metal Jacket Ammo Free 1.000 11.000
12 Chapter 4 Free 1.000 12.000
13 Weapon Charm Unlock "Fated Chance" Premium 1.000 13.000
14 Weapon Unlock Martini Henry Ironside Free 1.000 14.000
15 Legendary Skin Unlock Martini Henry Ironside - "Agony Eternal" Premium 1.000 15.000
16 Chapter 5 Free 1.000 16.000
17 Weapon Charm Unlock "The Knight" Free 1.000 17.000
18 Custom Ammo Unlock Bomb Lance - Steel Ball Free 1.000 18.000
19 Chapter 6 Free 1.000 19.000
20 Weapon Charm Unlock "Hare's Breadth" Premium 1.000 20.000
21 Weapon Unlock LeMat Mark II Carbine Free 1.000 21.000
22 Legendary Skin Unlock LeMat Mark II Carbine - "Obituary" Premium 1.000 22.000
23 Chapter 7 Free 1.000 23.000
24 Weapon Unlock Springfield M1892 Krag Free 1.000 24.000
25 Legendary Skin Unlock Springfield M1892 Krag - "Talisman" Premium 1.000 25.000
26 Chapter 8 Free 1.000 26.000
27 Custom Ammo Unlock Springfield M1892 Krag Full Metal Jacket Ammo Free 1.000 27.000
28 Custom Ammo Unlock Springfield M1892 Krag Incendiary Ammo Free 1.000 28.000
29 Legendary Hunter Unlock "Ochenkov's Widow" Premium 1.000 29.000
30 Chapter 9 Free 1.000 30.000
31 Blood Bonds 100 Free 1.000 31.000
32 Legendary Skin Unlock Hive Bomb - "Necrosis" Free 1.000 32.000
33 Chapter 10 Free 1.000 33.000
34 Blood Bonds 200 Premium 1.000 34.000
35 Chapter 11 Free 1.000 35.000
36 Blood Bonds 100 Premium 1.000 36.000
37 Chapter 12 Free 1.000 37.000
38 Legendary Skin Unlock Concertina Trip Mine - "Devil's Dream" Free 1.000 38.000
39 Blood Bonds 100 Premium 1.000 39.000
40 Legendary Skin Unlock Stamina Shot - "Ksusha" Free 1.000 40.000
41 Blood Bonds 100 Premium 1.000 41.000
42 Chapter 13 Free 1.000 42.000
43 Blood Bonds 100 Premium 1.000 43.000
44 Weapon Charm Unlock "Hay Effigy" Free 1.000 44.000
45 Chapter 14 Free 1.000 45.000
46 Weapon Charm Unlock "Cardinal Icarus" Premium 1.000 46.000
47 Legendary Skin Unlock Romero 77 Hand Cannon - "Greed" Free 1.000 47.000
48 Blood Bonds 300 Premium 1.000 48.000
49 Chapter 15 Free 1.000 49.000
50 Legendary Hunter Unlock "False Saint" Free 1.000 50.000
50 Legendary Skin Unlock Scottfield Model 3 Spitfire - "Dying Sun" Premium 1.000 50.000

Event Store

While the Devil's influence comes to the Bayou, we are, of course, celebrating the holiday season too. Some festive favorites return to the store for the duration of the event, and a range of new Weapon Charms will also be available to purchase as well as separate Levels if the premium battle pass is not purchased. Check the store out and pick out some seasonal treats.

Loyalty Bonus

We are offering a loyalty bonus, 1000 Blood Bonds for players who complete the following activities:

  • Complete the last level of the Devil's Moon Event
  • Purchase the Bornheim No. 3 – Funeral Dirge in the Event store
  • Purchase the Event DLC – Frau Perchta – the December DLC

Event DLC

Launching during the Devil's Moon Live Event is the “Frau Perchta" DLC featuring a new Legendary Hunter, plus new Legendary Weapons. Frau Perchta is available in two variations, a first for Hunt.

Introducing Frau Perchta:

“The myths of midwinter recall a time of reckoning: gifts for the good, retribution for the bad. The reckoners, few and far between, have been softened by time. But not Perchta, from ancient alpine valleys, where punishments are dealt with a blade at dusk, and trees gifted with rotten garlands at dawn."

This DLC includes the following: Frau Perchta in two variations, two Legendary weapons, and one Legendary tool:

  • Frau Perchta at Dawn
  • Frau Perchta at Dusk (variant)
  • Midwinter Tusk (Martini-Henry IC1)
  • Unkempt (LeMat Mark II)
  • The Avalanche (Frag Bomb)

The Devil's Moon Live Event is our biggest yet, so pledge your allegiance, liberate souls, and get those sweet rewards.

See you in the Bayou,

- Your Hunt: Showdown Community Team


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