March 23, 2022

Hunt: Showdown –Traitor's Moon: The Dark Is Rising Event

Every full moon, her immortal light would fall on New Orleans, and the crickets and fireflies would dance in the spotlight. But just as the Moon has dictated the turn of tides for millennia, the Sculptor began to dictate the Moon's influence on Earth. The Moon's light cast a spotlight onto people whose hearts were already starting to become twisted by the Sculptor. Mother caused harm to child, brother betrayed brother, and others let their minds wander into madness and desperation. Those who knew the power of both the Sculptor and the Moon began to plot and use the twisting of people's hearts to their advantage. "

Hunters, we sit between the passing of the Worm Moon and the rise of the Pink Moon. And down on the killing fields of Louisiana, the changing of the seasons from winter to spring sees a new rising darkness. Effigies, rifts, and strange clues are brought forth across the bayou under the influence of a Traitor's Moon, along with story and secrets about My Chary's ambitions for manipulating the corruption… But at this time of year, hope springs eternal too, and light can be found in the bountiful rewards on offer for those Hunters ready to face and conquer new challenges during the 21 days of The Traitor's Moon Event.

Yes, our first event of 2022 goes live on March 24th and runs until April 14 th. And to mark the occasion, we have also released a new DLC pack, The Meridian Turncoat, including a new Legendary Hunter, The Turncoat, two Legendary weapons, and a Legendary Ammo Box.

The event gives you the chance to unlock four new weapons which are currently in Early Access – the Scottfield Brawler, Berthier Riposte, Caldwell Model 92 New Army, and Winfield Model 93 Slate – plus new Legendary Skins for weapons and equipment. For those who unlocked the weapon during the event the weapon will remain unlocked after the full release regardless of their Bloodline level. If the player prestiges after the full release, they will need to unlock the weapon from the Bloodline as usual. If the player prestiges during the early-access period, the weapon should remain unlocked. For those who didn't unlock the four weapons in Early Access, they won't be made available until the next update, so now's a great time to play and slay with these guns first.

To get your hands on all the goods on offer, you'll need to collect 10,000 Event Points by completing the following tasks:

• Destroying Small Orwellian Effigies – 4 Event Points

• Destroying Large Orwellian Effigies – 8 Event Points

• Investigating Clues and Rifts – 12 Event Points

• Destroying Effigies dropped by bosses – 4 Event Points for each Effigy dropped

• Loot Hunter Corpses – 20 Event Points

• Extract with one bounty – 30 Event Points

There are plenty of ways to boost your progress during the event.

If you have a Chary's Contract active, you can earn a 50% Event Point booster plus an extra 20 meters Dark Sight boost.

Play with a Hunter who has The Signee Trait active – an event-only trait- and you will receive a further 10% Event Point booster, and your Dark Sight will increase by 3 meters.

Selected Legendary Hunters are boosted to accelerate your progress through the event. You'll receive a 10% Event Point booster and a further 3-meter Dark Vision boost by playing as the following:

  • The Turncoat
  • Kid
  • The Rat
  • Llorona's Heir

Boosters of different types are stackable for the duration of the event. For instance, if you have purchased Chary's Contract and play with one of the above Legendary Hunters with The Signee Trait activated, you can earn the maximum possible boost in the bayou.

And now onto to those sweetest of rewards…


2-Hour Booster Contract and 100 Blood Bonds

Event Points Required


Scottfield Brawler


Berthier Riposte


Caldwell Model 92


Winfield Model 93


2-Hour Booster Contract and 100 Blood Bonds


CA: Caldwell Model 92 DumDum Custom Ammo


Scottfield Brawler Legendary Skin - Eclipse


CA: Caldwell Model 92 Full Metal Jacket


Berthier Riposte Legendary Skin - Moonflower


CA: Winfield 93 Penny Shot


Caldwell Model 92 Legendary Skin – Ochenkov's Heart


CA: Winfield 93 Slug


Winfield Model 93 Legendary Skin - Somnus


If you earn all 10,000 points and make a clean sweep of the rewards on offer, keep on playing and additional Event Points earned will be turned into Hunt dollars after the event is over.

To aid you in the pursuit of rewards, we have added a new Legendary Choke Bomb, Cicada, to the Event Store. You can also pick up the Traitor's Moon Event Bundle, featuring the Legendary Choke Bomb, 1000 Event Points, and 24 Hours Chary's Contract at a 15% discount. We are also rolling out Ardent Prize: If you complete the event by unlocking all rewards, purchase the Legendary Choke Bomb Cicada from the Event Store, and purchase The Meridian Turncoat, the new event DLC, you'll receive 800 Blood Bonds!

Now, onto our new DLC Pack, The Meridian Turncoat…

Wim Jansen was a tool of industry and war, sent West with guns to kill with and a regiment to kill for. But the bloodshed coagulated in Red Cask Gulch, as Jansen was left the only survivor of an ambush that claimed the lives of his men, saved by a flash flood that washed the killing floor downstream, purifying the gulch of slaughter.

Rising from the mud two days later with the tags of his fallen friends, Jansen set off across the plain seeking revenge – only to find himself dubbed a turncoat and a traitor in his absence. After his vengeance was sated, the name stuck, but The Turncoat was already caught on the meridian of blood and set off along it in pursuit of more violence.

Legendary Hunter – The Turncoat.

Sent to bleed the land dry, in the end, Wim Jansen fell victim to the frontier's relentless brutality. Falsely labeled a turncoat after his regiment's ambush, he wears the title proudly now, with his mind set only on violence and revenge.

Legendary Weapons – Crossfire and Ambush

Washed down the gulch in a bracken flash flood, the only weapons The Turncoat could find were a pair of Dolch 96s. Naming them Crossfire and Ambush, they accompanied him ever since, adorned with mementos of his fallen friends.

Legendary Ammo Box – Red Cask

After The Massacre at Red Cask Gulch, The Turncoat carried his few remaining possessions in an old Ammo Box he found there. Now used for ammunition again, its name remains testament to that bloody past, a vehicle for that dearly sought revenge.

21 days of rewards await. Can you collect everything on offer? We wish you well, Hunters, as you confront the rising dark in The Traitor's Moon event…

See you in the bayou,

- Your Hunt: Showdown Community Team


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