July 17, 2019

Hunt Xbox Updates and the Xbox Super Game Sale

First thing's first: if you don't own a copy of Hunt yet, get yourself to the Xbox store and grab a copy for up to 20 percent off in the Xbox Super Game Sale!

Ok, now that you have secured a copy, something to read while the game downloads.

Since Hunt launched on Xbox Game Preview, we've added three updates. Each Update is grouped into a themed pack of a mix of weapons, tools, and/or traits. We started out by adding a Close Combat pack, which gave players the tools to be more deadly at close range. That was followed by a double release of a Stealth Update pack and an Explosive Update Pack. Something for the strong and silent types, as well as those who like to make their entrance (or exit) with a bang.

The most recent update came in the form of a Sniper pack, for those who like to observe and participate in the action from a safe distance, and a Poison pack. In the image carousel below you can take a look at exactly what was included in each update. And there are more to come: we'll be releasing one update each week until launch later this summer.

Did you finish downloading Hunt yet? Then get out into the swamps, Hunter, there are monsters to kill. Still didn't buy your copy? What are you waiting for?

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