March 13, 2019

Introducing the Bornheim Nr. 3

Hunt got a new addition to the pistol family with Update 5.0: the Bornheim Nr. 3, a semi-automatic pistol with a high rate of fire and compact ammo.

Today, Hunt Senior 3D Artist Alexander Asmus told us a little about the design process for the Bornheim:

“When we designed the Bornheim, we were aiming to create a new weapon that was in the ballpark of the Dolch, which is one of the most powerful handguns in Hunt. But we wanted this pistol to be more affordable, and available earlier in the game progression. So the Bornheim, which is a semi-automatic pistol with smaller ammo capacity of five rounds, fits that niche.

“The design itself looks kind of modern for the era of Hunt. It's the same with the Dolch, but even though the Dolch is a modern pistol for the time, it doesn't look as modern as the Bornheim. The Bornheim is really slick, with straight rather than rounded surfaces, like most of the other guns of the time.

“What's really interesting is the reloading mechanism. Instead of having an internal magazine like the one on the Dolch that you reload with a stripper clip, the Bornheim has a pre-filled clip magazine of five rounds that is inserted sideways. There's a little hatch that you have to slide open to put in this clip magazine. The bullets themselves hold the clip in place, so when the last round is fed into the chamber, it drops out of the gun. So that is an interesting mechanic there, with an interesting reload animation.

“During play, I think it handles quite well. In comparison to the Dolch, it's less powerful of course, but it has less recoil and the ability to get off these quick shots at a target is really nice."

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