November 15, 2021

Introducing the long-awaited 'Reconnect Support' feature

Hunters, as you know, we're always looking to push your Hunt: Showdown experience forwards, and today we're pleased to announce that we are rolling out the much anticipated Reconnect Support feature in Update 1.7. This has been one of the most requested features from the community for a long time. In fact, it's something that we have tracked since our Early Access days. While it might seem like a relatively simple feature, we've had to work hard to limit the chance of a reconnect feature being exploited by bad actors. However, after much toil, we are pleased to introduce our solution.

The Reconnect Support feature allows you to reconnect to a Bounty Hunt mission if you have lost your connection to the game or the game has crashed. Previously, losing your connection meant it was all over for you in the bayou. So, we wanted to make sure a feature like this would give you the ability to complete the mission as if you had never left and prevent losing Hunters when you lose your connection to the game.

The feature has also been in the works for a long time because we wanted to make it as solid as possible before introducing it to the game. Since this is a substantial addition to Hunt, we understand there may be edge cases that we were unable to encounter during our internal playtests. If you experience any unusual behavior with this feature, please be sure to reach out to the team and provide a detailed description of what happened so we can reproduce and fix any issues that you do encounter. Remember, details are key to helping us ensure we can find and solve problems quickly, so we appreciate as much detail as possible. Your help is how we get problems solved.

Here are some of the finer details about the feature and how it works:

There are two ways in which the Reconnection Support feature will attempt to restore the connection:

· "On the Fly" 60 seconds reconnect:

In instances where you lose connection to the server but the game client is still running, we will attempt to restore the connection and get you back into the mission.

· Game client crash/client restart/kick to main menu reconnect:

In instances where the game client crashes, or if you restart the game while in a mission, a prompt will appear, giving you the option to reconnect to the mission or abandon your Hunter.

· A prompt will show the remaining mission time, the current state of you and your teammates as:

  • Alive.
  • Downed – can be revived.
  • Dead – Redskulled/cannot be revived.
  • Burning while downed - better hurry, you might be able to get back and put the fire out!

· When disconnected, your Hunter will stay where they are and crouch in place to ensure they are as small a target as possible. This does not apply when already down or dead.

· Teammates will receive a notification to show that you have lost connection. This will allow them to attempt to protect you while you reconnect.

· If you leave the mission (using the Leave mission button in the pause menu) or if you decline the reconnect prompt in the main menu, your Hunter will be lost, and your teammates will be informed of your decision.

· You will be able to reconnect to the current mission for up to 10 minutes after the initial disconnect. If you fail to reconnect after this time, we will consider that you are gone/won't be returning to this mission, and the Hunter will die.

· This 10-minute timer will refresh for each disconnect. So, if you have multiple disconnects in a game for any reason, you will have 10 minutes to return after each one.

· These disconnects will not modify the mission time. If you lose your connection, the mission will continue as usual, meaning the timer will also continue to count down. For example, if you disconnect and only have 3 minutes left on the timer to extract, we will not extend the timer to allow extra time to get to the extraction. We have done this in the interest of fairness and to avoid players trying to intentionally cut their connection to gain any kind of an advantage.

· If your connection drops but the game does not crash or kick you back to the main menu, we will attempt to auto-reconnect you for the next 60 seconds. If the connection has not been restored after this time, you will be sent to the main menu, where you can try again through the reconnect prompt.

· For now, the reconnect feature is only available for Bounty Hunt. Quickplay matches are much faster and don't carry the same stakes as the Bounty Hunt missions, so the chances of reconnecting to a Hunter that is still alive (and has an opportunity to get the wellspring) are a lot slimmer.

We hope this feature makes a difference for you, and once again, do let us know if you come across issues and problem cases with as much detail as possible so we can monitor and fix them.

See you in the bayou,

- Your Hunt: Showdown Community Team


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