June 23, 2017

Journal of the First Voyage

e have journeyed across the Great Ocean and back and met with many Hunters. The tidings with which we have returned bode well for our cause.

On the distant shores of California, we attended a large gathering filled with many who would enter the Association and join us as Hunters. They had much to say of our mission:

“It only took a few moments for me to realize that Hunt: Showdown might be one of the most visually stunning games I've seen in years."

- Hunt: Showdown Is Just Incredible (PC Gamer)

“Hunt remixes concepts like Evolve's monster hunting, The Dark Zone's unsteady alliances in The Division, and the horror setting to create a game unlike any we've seen before."

- Five Reasons Why Hunt: Showdown Could Be the Next Big Survival Hit and Game Informer's Best of E3 2017 Awards (Game Informer)

“Trust us, Hunt: Showdown promises to be one survival game actually worth caring about. It's bold, original, and uncompromising in its vision for an asymmetrical PvPvE shooter where five teams of two stalk through swamps and moors trying hunt demons while avoiding one another."

- Why Hunt: Showdown, Crytek's gothic survival shooter, was our favorite game of E3 (PC Gamer)

Hunt is an intricate blend of survival shooter, team exploration, and dynamic open-world horror, with just a pinch of a rogue-lite RPG thrown in to boot - and this spooky hodge-podge looks fun as hell."

- E3 2017: Crytek's Hunt: Showdown Is a Multi-Genre Monster Hunter (IGN)

“I love the style of it, I love the weaponry, I love the co-op aspect, I love that you use your ears to listen to everything. I can't wait to play this game."

- Hunt: Showdown Live on Twitch at E3

Many further words were spoken, and official tribute was offered:

We accept this tribute gratefully and are humbled by the desire of so many to fight with us against the dark forces which plague us. Until such time comes as you are able to join us, however, remember but one thing: Death will find you, but your Bloodline will live on through us always. Virescit vulnere virtus.

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