June 15, 2018

Journal of the Second Voyage

We have journeyed, for the second time, across the Great Ocean to meet with other Hunters, and to hear their grievances and praise. We have spoken of weapons and dark powers and monsters, among other things. Perhaps, one day, we can sit back and share a quiet moment together. But for now, we must hunt.

On those shores of California, we heard many things. For all members of the Society who wish to listen, we have collected the thoughts of our brethren below on the changes that have come upon us in recent days. Godspeed, friends, may we meet again for a third journey one day. Virescit vulnere virtus.

“Hunt: Showdown, our favorite game of E3 2017, is getting a nice package of new items, including an awful new monster."

-See Hunt: Showdown's new crossbows and wet, wormy monster in the latest update trailer, PC Gamer

[Hunt is] a bounty hunting game with a distinctive and rather gorgeous 'Weird West' setting."

-Hunt: Showdown is getting a Water Devil because ponds are too safe, PCGamesN

“Crytek's cooperative, horror shooter, Hunt: Showdown is a pretty deadly game. If the demons and zombies don't get you, or the undead hounds don't tear you apart, the other players will shoot you down and take your loot."

-Hunt: Showdown's Pond Monster Will Make the Swamps More Deadly, MegaGames

“The trailer, which looks amazing by the way, gives us a quick glimpse at some new weapons. It starts off with a look at the vintage crossbow, a chunky bolt-based weapon that looks like it packs a serious punch. Next up was the throwing knives, the ultimate stealth weapon for those looking to remain undetected."

-Hunt: Showdown trailer showcases new monster, GameReactor

“All of these additions further add to the versatility and choice players have to hunt the way they want to in Hunt: Showdown. As well as a tease of the new monster being added to Hunt: Showdown called The Water Devil. It lurks around the Bayou's of the map and is a swarm of tentacles so be careful when lurking through the water."

-New Content Coming to Hunt: Showdown Unveiled at E3, Twinfinite

And in this video, two Hunters convene with the Hunters of Twitch.

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