August 13, 2021

Light the Shadow, coming soon to a Bayou near you

You'll need to pick a path, and that path will then determine your experiences in the Bayou. What will it be? Will you pierce the shadow or cleave the shadow? What awaits you on your journey? Perhaps, here, you will find a clue to your fate...

Pierce the Shadow

The darkness doesn't care. Doesn't matter how rich you are, where you've come from, or what evil deeds you've done: The darkness will swallow you up any way it can. As a Hunter you think you'd be used to it all, but darkness always finds a way to crawl under your skin and eat you up. It's going to take a careful eye and a hell of a lot of courage to pierce through the darkness that's built up in the Bayou, but we got some folks that specialize in this particular fight. Darkness isn't unfamiliar to them; they've seen it come and go for generations in Louisiana and its people. If we can get them on our side, a shot through the dark may be just enough to bring back the light.

Cleave the Shadow

Louisiana has always been home. For generations our families cultivated the land and survived on its bounty. All that changed when the settlers came. They drove us out; they carved, and they chopped, and they cleaved out their towns and cities. Now a new corruption seeks to drive them out, borne by shadow. Now they come to us looking for answers, and their pleas are as bitter as the shadows themselves. But we will chop and carve out the darkness until there is nothing left for the sake of our homebut not for them.

Keep an eye out on our socials and blog for more information about our brand-new event #LightTheShadow, coming very soon to a Bayou near you!

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