August 25, 2021

Light the Shadow Event

They have been watching you, Hunters. They've seen every victory and defeat at the hands of the bayou. Heard of every monster you have had to face; human or otherwise. While they admit they're impressed by the work you've done these past few years, they're finally ready to show you what they can do.

Native American Hunters are entering the Bayou and with them the Light the Shadows Event! To celebrate their arrival, Hunters will get to travel two paths to earn Legendary weapons, Blood Bonds, Hunt Dollars, and the chance for two Legendary Native American Hunters to join your ranks. Which route will you take first: The Path of the Hunting Bow or the Path of the Throwing Axe? The choice is yours and the rewards are bountiful. If you manage to finish the first path you choose, you can return and travel the second.

As for how the rest of the event works, keep reading:

Path One: Pierce the Shadow

Many say the Hunting Bow is as old as humanity. Lovingly crafted by deft hands trained by generations, the bow will rarely fail you in a fight, and its arrows might even find their way back to you.

By choosing the Path of the Hunting Bow first, and destroying your targets with this old faithful weapon, you'll earn special ammo like the Concertina Arrows, traits like Hundred Hands, and recruit Legendary Hunter “The Exile." See a full list of rewards below:

· Two 25-Proof Vapours

· Hunting Bow

· Hunting Bow Ammo: Poison Arrows

· Hunting Bow Trait: Dewclaw

· Legendary Conversion Pistol “Faultless"

· Hunting Bow Ammo: Concertina Arrows

· Legendary Hunting Bow “The Wayfinder"

· Hunting Bow Trait: Hundred Hands

· Hunting Bow Ammo: Frag Arrows

· Legendary Hunter “The Exile"

Complete this path before the end of the event and you'll have the opportunity to take the Path of the Throwing Axe. But be warned: Your Event Points don't carry over and you'll be starting again from 0.

Path Two: Cleave the Shadow

What better marriage of metal and wood than an axe? Take aim, take a breath, and throw so you can watch it spin through the air and bite into its target. Throwing axes are sold in pairs, so the discerning Hunter can send a barrage death towards their enemies.

By choosing the Path of the Throwing Axe first, and destroying targets with its gleaming blade, you'll earn Hunt Dollars, traits like Assailant, and recruit Legendary Hunter “The Third Son." See a full list of rewards below:

· Two 25-Proof Vapours

· Throwing Axe

· 500 Hunt Dollars

· 50 Blood Bonds

· Legendary Winfield Marksman “Bayou Phoenix"

· 1000 Hunt Dollars

· Legendary Throwing Axe “Tomahawk"

· Throwing Axe Trait: Assailant

· 150 Blood Bonds

· Legendary Hunter “The Third Son"

Complete this path before the end of the event and you'll have the opportunity to take the path of the Hunting Bow. But be warned: Your Event Points don't carry over and you'll be starting again from 0.

How to Earn Event Points

Event Points speed up your progression and speeding up your progression will get you event-gear faster. After you've completed one path, you may start on the other to gain even more rewards.

You can earn Event Points by:

· Extinguishing Pyres (2 Event Points)

· Killing a Hive with a Hunting Bow (2 Event Points)

· Killing an Armored with a Throwing Axe (2 Event Points)

· Activating Event Wards (4 Event Points)

· Killing a boss (4 Event Points)

· Looting Hunter Corpses (5 Event Points)

After the event is over, any Event Points you have leftover (up to 10,000) will be converted automatically to Hunt Dollars.

When progressing through your first path, there will be daily caps on the amount of Event Points that can be earned, and you will receive Hunter XP instead once the cap is reached.

How Vapours Work

Any Hunter worth their salt knows that health is of the utmost importance to keep up the fight. Why not trust the best physician in Louisiana and try The Doctor's Vapours? It'll help you gain more Event Points and taking it with your team will ensure the effects multiply and make you all masters of the bayou. This all-natural formula is made from local ingredients that not only ensure quality - but make those special event items visible in Dark Sight. So why not give The Doctor's Vapours a try?

To put it simply: Vapours will boost Event Points for you and your entire team during the match when used if you haven't reached the daily cap. At the same time, Vapours allow you to see event items like Pyres and Wards highlighted at greater distances in Dark Sight up to 70 meters away. Vapours will only be available during the event. Check it out:

· 15-Proof Vapours – 15% Event Point boost for the match, see event items 5 meters further to a maximum of 70 meters in Dark Sight, price: 40 Blood Bonds

· 25-Proof Vapours – 25% Event Point boost for the match, see event items 10 meters further to a maximum of 70 meters in Dark Sight: 80 Blood Bonds

· 50-Proof Vapours – 50% Event Point boost for the match, see event items 15 meters further to a maximum of 70 meters in Dark Sight, price: 130 Blood Bonds

Get Vapours in the roster or in the event store, and use them during a match, like you would any other consumable. Have everyone on your team use them, or use multiple yourself, to stack the Event Point boost and range.

Dark Sight will be capped at 70 meters with the Vapours and they do not boost Hunter XP once the daily cap is reached. However, keep using them to help your teammates who haven't reached their daily cap. Any Vapours left after the event is over will be refunded for their Blood Bond value.

After the Event

If you were able to get a hold of the Hunting Bow and/or the Throwing Axe during the event then they're yours, Hunter. There is only the matter of when you get to use them: During the event, once you get the Hunting Bow or Throwing Axe, they are available for the events duration and will stay with the player regardless of rank even after the event. If you prestige during the event the weapons, traits, and specialty ammo will stay unlocked and usable. If you prestige after the event, the Hunting Bow and Throwing Axe will go away, and you'll have to wait until you reach the necessary rank to use them once more in the Hunt. The Hunting Bow is unlocked at Rank 54 while the Throwing Axe is a variant of the Combat Axe available at Rank 1. Hunting Bow Ammo can be unlocked by killing mobs, bosses, and other Hunters with the Hunting Bow.

Event Hunter and Gear

The Exile

An artist with leather, bone, and shell, Delphine returned to her ancestral home to find work, instead finding a corruption against which she vowed to fight with axe, blade, and bow.

The Third Son

The third son of a third son of a third son, Nahotabi was endowed with notable strength, a brazen manner, and preternatural skill in hand-to-hand combat. By day, a dedicated, curious, and quiet librarian; by night, a silent and deadly terror with pistol or blade.


Once an heirloom of the Akune family, this Caldwell Conversion Pistol has taken its share of knocks. On her return, The Exile sought it out, finding it the perfect tool to right wrongs.

The Wayfinder

Quiet as a chill gust of wind heralding a hurricane, the snap of this bow's string ushers in the inescapable destruction of The Exile, finding her way home.

Bayou Phoenix

Ornamented with every shade found within the heart of a blazing fire, this Winfield M1873C Marksman is said to always find its way back into the bayou, ready to rise to any occasion.


The Tomahawk takes its name from the Algonquian word for cutting tool. In the bayou, this throwing axe continues the fight for life.


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