August 03, 2017

Live by the gun. Die by the gun.

In the halls of madness stand many names. Those of murderers, convicts, and by a dark twist of fortune, several saints. There are killers of every kind: motivated by passion, by compulsion, by desperation, and by desire. But the names in those halls are of those who have, ultimately, failed. Whose passions have driven them to darkness and despair. Whose aim was not true.

But you, you kill for other reasons, reasons that belong to you alone. There is little else to hold on to in this desolate world. Soon you will be dead, and perhaps you will find your name scrawled among the mad killers history both honors and fears. But perhaps, instead, you will rise above the madness of the murder you will be forced to commit if you are to become a Hunter. And if you do, it will be because you chose your tools wisely.

If you had been carrying the wrong weapons, you wouldn't have had a chance. If you hadn't had the knife. Or the Dolch. Or the Specter. Or, or, or…

Death is written across Hunt's weapons in the blood and grime of countless fights. Yet their true message is not death, but life. Your life, spared to fight for one more day. The more marks of death you can inscribe on the barrel of your gun, the longer your life will be. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your tools. Learn their language. Live to hunt another day.

Looking down the barrel of a gun

If you suspect you're facing a close- to mid-ranged fight, you will want to consider your kit accordingly. Below we'll look at a few items you might want to have along for the ride.

Specter 1882

A pump-action, bottom-loading shotgun with a harsh recoil and medium range.

Dolch 96 Precision

A semi-automatic German pistol with a wooden shoulder stock and powerful ammunition.


A standard hunting tool, and handy in an up-close scrap.


These bright, long-burning flares can provide cover, distraction, or draw off enemies.

Concertina Bomb

A cruel experimental bomb that releases a mass of concertina wire when detonated.

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