December 07, 2017

Recap: Hunt devs discuss game progress live on Twitch

Worn and ragged from their travels, Hunters gather to prepare for what is to come. With each passing day, their obsession grows: never-ending, all-consuming. An obsession that we share. From behind the curtains several Hunters emerge, leaders of their bloodlines--the backbone around which the Association is built. Their wisdom, their trials, and their torments clear the way for those who follow—and may make the difference between glory and defeat.

So listen, and prepare yourself for all that is to come. Join us on our journey. Learn all you can while there is still time to contemplate success from the safety and comfort of your arm chair.

Gunplay experience

Lead Designer Dennis Schwarz and Senior Environment Artist Alexander Asmus, weapons experts both, impart their knowledge of the Hunt gunplay experience in our debut stream. Hear tales of the firearms that keep Hunters alive and monsters at bay—from conception to creation—and watch as they pull back the curtain to show off weapons in the editor, the foundation for every spell they cast. Then, follow Dennis and Lead Artist Marcel Schaika on several bounty hunts, or skip ahead to a Q&A focused on gunplay.

The world of Hunt

Knowledge of the land is an advantage on the hunt. In our second stream, Level Design Director Chris Auty, Lead Artist Marcel Schaika, and Audio Director Florian Füsslin discuss the world of Hunt: as it was in the past, as it is now, and as it will be in the future. In the editor, the group detail the environmental creation processes before testing their mettle in the field on several bounty hunts. Level Design was the topic for the Q&A that followed.

Progression and ranking system

Many requested we illuminate this subject with haste as without progress and rank, success is but a ghost. Lead Game Director Dennis Schwarz and Senior Game Designer Andreas Liebeskind spoke of the progression and ranking systems and bloodline rewards awaiting those who dare to pursue the glories of the Hunt in our third livestream.

Diving back into the world of Hunt, they then showed the menu, Hunter recruitment system, store, and the mission select area. However, due to a rift between the digital and the real, gameplay was not possible. Instead, Dennis and Andreas were joined by Lead Character Artist Florian Reschenhofer, and the conversation continued on the subject of Hunters' skins, artwork, and tiers for Early Access.


For now, we must rest. But we will return soon with more tidings. Watch this space.

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