September 13, 2019

Server Update


We want to take a moment to address the server issues that have been happening in the past couple of weeks mainly on the US East and EU server.

First of we want to thank everyone who has reported the issues that they have been experiencing on our various channels. We take the reports about rubber banding, disconnects and increased ping very serious and we have been actively investigating.

While we try to keep you up-to-date as much as possible sometimes there isn't so much to share so we rather wait to give you a bigger update like this blog post.

We are currently testing different servers on our EU environment. We want to keep these servers running during the night (Friday, September 13th) and we will actively monitor and keep an eye out on user reports for any problems. If these different servers don't seem to improve the situation we will take these down and will go back to our old servers tomorrow morning at 10 AM CEST/4AM EDT/1AM PDT. This means that all the servers will go down for a short maintenance for about ~1 hour and we will confirm if this will happen well in advance on all our communication platforms like Steam, Social Media and Discord.

Depending on the outcome of these tests we will either apply the server changes to our US East server environment or we reevaluate and look for a different solution to the server issues.

Thank you for all your patience, we will send a follow up once we got more news to share.

- the Hunt Team

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