June 28, 2023

Take on our new Wild Target, Rotjaw, in the Tide of Shadows Live Event

Hunters, our latest Live Event begins today and runs through August 23rd. A new story, more rewards, new challenges, and new gameplay are all waiting for you as you pledge your Hunters to one of three new Pacts and unlock special powers that offer you new ways of playing Hunt.

Read the Patch Notes for Update 1.13 Here and for Tide of Shadows Here.

"Rotjaw, as we call this female alligator specimen, defies the physiology of any known aquatic reptile, or creature descended from 'living' taxonomical orders. Putrefaction has encompassed her skull, leaving it bare and smooth. The jaws instill in one a paleolithic fear, something felt by the first mammals to witness their parents eviscerated by reptiles. They are easily capable of crushing three men."

Unlike other Boss Targets, Rotjaw cannot be found in a compound. Instead, she guards her water territories out in the open, lying in wait for prey to approach. Find and defeat her to earn a Bounty Token. You'll deserve it—Rotjaw is one of our deadliest enemies yet.

Tides of Shadow Live Event – New Pacts

The Tide of Shadows Live Event also arrives with new Pacts to pledge your allegiance to. Each Hunter can be pledged to the Primal Pact, the Smugglers Pact, or the Grounded Pact. Each Pact offers a set of unique Traits which provide new ways to play. You'll learn more about the stories of each mysterious Pact with unlockable lore as you play through, as well as get your hands on new Legendary Weapons and new equipment. To pledge yourself to a Pact, you must acquire Pledge Marks.

Sources of Pledge Marks

  • Reaching the Event Point (EP) Threshold - Gaining 20 EPs for the first time will earn you a Pledge Mark.
  • Looting your first Hunter – Only the first Hunter looted will give a Pledge Mark. After this, you will only earn Event Points.
  • Banishing your first Target - Only the first Banish will give a Pledge Mark. Banishing the second Target will only give Event Points.

Pact Traits

Pact Traits can be gained at Pledge Posts in a similar way to our Devil's Moon Event. However, this time you must first pledge your Hunter to a Pact before special Event Trait Charms will appear at the Pledge Post. Your Hunter must then sacrifice owned Pledge Marks in exchange for an Event Trait. You'll do this by interacting with the individual Trait Charms. Once the interaction is finished, the indicated Pledge Marks will be deducted, and the Trait Charm will be removed from the Pledge Post. You can only see the Trait Charms relevant to your chosen Pact. This means what you see at Pledge Posts may differ from your teammate(s) see(s).

Burn Traits

Burn Traits are a new category of Traits which have unique behaviors according to their category. They are single-use, but if you have the appropriate amount of Pledge Marks saved up, you can return to a Pledge Post to acquire another.

Each Pact has different Traits that you can exchange your Pledge Marks (PM) for:

Primal Pact

Instinct Trait (1 PM) - In Dark Sight, you can sense when enemy Hunters are nearby, with a range of up to 75 meters.

Relentless Burn Trait (2 PM) – Your Hunter won't lose a Health Chunk when downed.

Smugglers Pact

Mariner Trait (1 PM) - Health restoration is significantly increased while in water and marginally increased when exposed to heavy rain.

Gunrunner Burn Trait (2 PM) – Removes Contraband status from primary weapons on extraction, and you'll receive two extra ammo from ammo resupplies.

Grounded Pact

Shadow (1 PM) - Monsters can't see you, but they still can hear you. Boss Targets and Wild Targets are immune to this Trait.

Remedy Burn Trait (2 PM) - Using Dark Sight, interact with a Trait to trigger a restoration effect similar to banishing for your team's Hunters. This has a range of up to 25 meters.

All Pacts

Death Cheat Burn Trait (3 PM)- You will not lose your Hunter if you fail to extract. Death Cheat is available regardless of which Pact you pledge allegiance to.

Event Traits are only available during the event. They will be removed once the event is finished, so take advantage of them while you can.

Event Points

Earning Event Points drives your progress and offers you rewards. Here's how to get them:

  • Interacting with an Event Clue or Rift – 6 EPs
  • Banish a Target - 10 EPs
  • Extracting a Bounty Token - 20 EPs
  • Interacting with a Ship Altar - 4 EPs
  • Destroying Ship Altar – 2 EPs
  • Looting an enemy Hunter – 8 EPs
  • Becoming a "Soul Survivor" - 20 EPs
  • Challenges – EPs vary
  • Dark Tribute – 150 EPs (1st milestone, daily)

Ship Altars

Ship Altars are our new event objects which spawn in various locations in the world. Active interaction with a Ship Altar will give the most Event Points and is also the quietest. However, they can also be destroyed in exchange for fewer points. When you destroy them, you trigger an explosion which deals moderate damage to any nearby Hunters, as well as bleeding.

  • Interaction – Earn 4 Event Points. The Ship Altar is consumed.
  • Destruction – Earn 2 Event Points. The Ship Altar explodes, damaging anything nearby.

Ship Altars glow red and produce a sound when enemy Hunters or Beetles are nearby, similar to a Clue. Their detection range also mirrors that of a Clue.

Which Pact will you choose first? Will you earn all the possible rewards? Regardless, we are incredibly excited to share Rotjaw with all of you and cannot wait for your feedback. Good luck, and happy Rotjaw hunting! See you in the bayou, - Your Hunt: Showdown Community Team


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