May 02, 2019

The Assassin Is Coming For You: Update 6.0 Is LIVE

Update 6.0 has just gone LIVE! With a new boss to fight, six new weapons to use, a book of lore to unlock, and three new traits, 6.0 has a little something for everyone.

There has already been a lot of hype surrounding the Assassin – our newest boss. It started with a teaser trailer, then a reveal article and gameplay video on PC Gamer. When the Assassin went live on test, streamers showcased the action and we published an article about the Assassin's making of. To accompany the live release today, we've published a video showcasing 6.0 features, as well as a video dev diary going into even more detail about its creation process.

New weapons included in Update 6.0 are the LeMat Mark II, Lebel 1886, Bomb Lance, Alert Trip Mine, Concertina Trip Mine, and an Ammo Box.

Two of the traits that have been added will help you to deal with the dead. Vulture allows you to loot corpses that other Hunters have already looted, while Ghoul earns you 50 Health for looting dead Hunters. Meanwhile, Adrenaline allows you to regain stamina as you lose health.

Of course there is a lot more that we haven't mentioned, and you can read about all the smaller changes in the full patch notes.

As usual, happy hunting. We'll see you in the Bayou.

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