September 20, 2023

The Hunt: Showdown Video Awards is back, and you can win big!

Hunters, it's time to show off your video making talents and bag some sweet swag! Following last year's stunningly successful event, the Hunt: Showdown Video Awards returns with even more prizes to offer. Wow us and the community with your short filmmaking skills and you could win some epic gear from our trusted partners—Alienware, AMD, HP OMEN Gaming Hub and HyperX—plus some extra special unique prizes from us, too.

We have a range of different categories available to enter, including Action, Trailer, Thriller, and Freestyle. All you have to do is submit a unique video that is up to four minutes long maximum and impress our judges from the Hunt: Showdown team. Creativity is king and your video can take any form, just as long as it fits one of the categories and meets the competition rules. Will you wow our judges with a comedy voiceover across in-game action, a cut of epic gameplay direct from the bayou, a cover of your favorite Port Sulphur Band track, or a live-action skit? We can't wait to see what you come up with.

For inspiration, you can check out all the nominees from the inaugural Hunt: Showdown Video Awards here and watch the winning short film from Terminal Velocity Productions below.

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To submit your entry for consideration, create your video upload it to YouTube and post it on Discord, Facebook, and/or Twitter with the hashtag #HuntShowdownVideoAwards and the hashtag for the category you wish to enter, as defined below:

Action (Sponsored by Alienware)

Some people like deep story arcs, unexpected plot twists, and multi-layered characters with psychological issues to unravel. This category is NOT for those people. We want to see epic explosions and an impressive body count as you channel your inner Michael Bay in short form. Keep viewers on the edge of their gaming chairs with a breathtaking fight sequence, unprecedented weapon-handling skills, combat that goes amazingly right (or terribly wrong), or any other bombastic idea. Just keep it fast paced with plenty of booms!

This category is sponsored by Alienware, with a prize of an Alienware x16 laptop (1 x winner only,) and for the winner and runners-up, a peripheral bundle (up to 4 bundles).

Hashtags to enter: #HuntShowdownVideoAwards #HuntAction

Trailer (Sponsored by AMD)

Have you ever found yourself watching a Hunt: Showdown trailer and thinking "I want to do this?" Well, this category is for you. Imagine the world doesn't know about Hunt and create a showstopping trailer that captures everything you love about the game. Or pick a specific Hunter, weapon, or feature as your theme and create a showcase edit that will get viewers hyped.

This category is sponsored by AMD, with a prize of 1 x AMD GPU (winner only) and a CPU (winner.only).

Hashtags to enter: #HuntShowdownVideoAwards #HuntTrailer

Thriller (Sponsored by HyperX)

The constant fear of what's behind the corner is the heart and soul of Hunt: Showdown. If you think you have the instinct for videos that make people gasp, grab their significant others' hands nervously, and bite their nails in a heart-thumping wait for the climax—this category is for you. Come up with a thrilling video in the Hunt: Showdown setting, whether gameplay focused or a scenario of your own.

This category is sponsored by Hyper X, with a prize of an Armada 27" Monitor + Quadcast S White Mic (winner only).

Hashtags to enter: #HuntShowdownVideoAwards #HuntThriller

Freestyle (Sponsored by HP OMEN Gaming Hub)

There is only one rule in this video category: it has to be a moving picture inspired by anything in the Hunt universe. Interpret the brief how you like and show off your very particular set of skills. Want to make a Hunt song and shoot a video for it? Bring it on. Could you create an animation about Hunt: Showdown lore? We're game. Do you and your cosplaying friends dream of making a live action film set in the bayou? We want to see it. Hell, even if you want to do a Hunt themed ballet, puppet show, or show off Hunters partaking in synchronized swimming, it's all legit for this category.

This category is sponsored by HP OMEN Gaming Hub, with a prize of 1 x Alloy Origins Core, Cloud Alpha Wireless, Haste Black Wireless, True Wireless earbuds, Duocast Microphone, and RGB Mousepad.

Hashtags to enter: #HuntShowdownVideoAwards #HuntFreestyle

Community Choice (Sponsored by HP OMEN and HyperX)

This category will showcase the overall winner! All nominees from each category automatically qualify for a public vote to determine the grand champion of the Hunt: Showdown Video Awards. Win this and you'll walk away with the admiration of the community, as well as some extra special prizes.

This category is sponsored by HP OMEN and HyperX, with a prize of 1 x OMEN 16 Laptop + Haste Black Wireless + Cloud 2 Wireless Headset.

Submission Deadline

Submission for entries closes on 2nd November 2023 12AM (CEST) The Hunt: Showdown Team judging panel will pick a shortlist of four nominees for each category from all qualifying entries. A public vote will be held for the nominees, so the community gets to decide all of our winners, and the winners will be revealed during a special Hunt: Showdown Video Awards ceremony planned for November 30th live on Twitch.

If you are a winner and do not reply within 3 weeks of our team contacting you, your prize will be forfeited.

Helpful Tips

Turn your Hunter into a camera.

Use these Steam Launch option commands +hud_hide 1 and +r_nodrawnear 1 to hide your HUD and your hands and weapons, respectively. Unfortunately, these launch options are unavailable on console.

We cannot wait to see what you come up with, so tap into your creativity and get your entries in! Check below for tips, official rules, timelines,

See you in the bayou, - Your Hunt: Showdown Community Team


Don't own Hunt yet? Get your copy for PC on Steam or from the Crytek Shop. For Xbox, head to the Microsoft Store, and for PS4, find Hunt on the PlayStation Store.

Entry Requirements

Entries will only be accepted if posted with the #HuntShowdownVideoAwards and relevant category hashtag.

These must be submitted via X (Twitter), Facebook and if these are not possible via email ( We recommend you upload to YouTube, but will also accept Vimeo links. YouTube is our preferred platform.

Your YouTube profile must have an email address associated with it for contacting yourselves.

Submissions must be received no later than 12AM (CEST) 2nd November 2023.

You may only submit a video in one category. For example, if you made a video with the name 'Bone Doctor's GP Visit', it would only be applicable for one category and could not be submitted for any other categories.

You may submit 10 videos total. We recommend that you focus your efforts on the best video, but welcome your creativity and productivity. As mentioned above, one video is only eligible for one category at a time – you cannot submit the same video for three different categories and will disqualify your submission if you do so.

You must submit/create your own Thumbnail as well in order for your entry to be considered.

All nominations automatically qualify for the Community Choice Award sponsored by HP OMEN.

Maximum runtime is four-minutes.

There is no geographic restriction in entry, however, all submissions must be silent or in English only. English is for audio and captions to ensure we verify the entries. This includes on-screen text in any shape or form. If official in-game assets are officially localized then this will be accepted i.e screenshots from a Hunt: Showdown game in German but the video content is in English this will be accepted.

We cannot guarantee shipment of prizes to all international countries, so some restrictions may apply.

Winners and nominees may be uploaded to Hunt: Showdown's YouTube channel. They will also maybe promoted on our social media channels – including Crytek GmbH's. When selected as a winner they are required to send the final video to us when selected as a winner via the agreed channel.

A committee of judges from the Hunt: Showdown team will review all eligible entries and nominate four videos per category. Winners will be decided by a community vote.


20th September 2023: Announce Hunt: Showdown Video Awards – Submissions Open

2nd November 2023 12 AM CEST: Submissions Close – Internal Judging Process Begins

16th November 2023: Announce Nominations - Public Vote Opens

30th November 2023: Closing Ceremony - Winners Announced

Please bear in mind that this timeline is conditional and subject to change with regard to the Announcement of the Nominations/Opening of Public Voting and the time of the Closing Ceremony. If we receive more entries than expected, it will be moved. This will be communicated clearly via our social channels.


Action Category:

  • Alienware X16 Laptop (Winner)
  • Alienware Keyboard and Mouse (Winner and Nominees)

Trailer Category:

  • AMD Ryzen 7600 GPU and AMD 7000 CPU (Winner only)

Thriller Category:

  • HyperX Armada 27" Monitor and QuadCast Mic (Winner only)

Freestyle Category:

  • Alloy Origins Core, Cloud Alpha Wireless Headset, Haste Black Wireless Mouse, True Wireless Earbuds, Duocast Microphone, RGB Mousepad (HyperX and HP OMEN) (Winner only)

Community Choice:

  • HP OMEN Laptop 16, Haste Black Wireless Mouse and Cloud 2 Wireless Headset (HyperX and HP OMEN) (Winner only)

Nominees will receive specified runner-up prizes in the Action Category (see above). Further, any nominee in any category listed above will receive a unique Video Awards shirt with their chosen name, Hunt: Showdown merch of their choice and two DLCs of Hunt:Showdown (possession of the base game is required) of their choice.

Winners will also receive a unique Video Awards shirt with their chosen name, Hunt: Showdown merch of their choice and two DLCs of Hunt:Showdown (possession of the base game is required) of their choice.

Videos should strictly be based around Hunt: Showdown.

Do not use any copyrighted nor trademarked material or other material which might violate rights of third parties (e.g. data protection rights etc.). This includes all third-party materials from footage, imagery, graphics, music, fonts and more. Do not use other streamer's clips or gameplay footage without an expressed consent and permission if you are to include them. These are only examples and not an exhaustive list. It is best to create all materials yourself to avoid any issues.

All music must be created by you, license-free or from Hunt: Showdown.

No videos which are obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group. It cannot promote alcohol abuse, illegal drugs, tobacco nor a particular political agenda. You cannot defame, misrepresent nor contain disparaging remarks about other people or companies, or communicates messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or goodwill to which we wish to associate and/or violates any law.

You shall indemnify us and undertake to defend us against and hold us harmless from any and all claims, suits, liabilities, loss, damage, cost or expense, including reasonable attorneys' fees, based upon or arising out of a violation of applicable law and/or a breach or alleged breach of any of the rules of that contest published here or otherwise communicated, including but not limited to claims asserted that your video and its content infringes third-party rights.

Further Terms and Conditions

By submitting your video(s) you agree to the following further terms and conditions in addition to the rules of the contest described above.

You grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free and sub-licensable right and license to use your video(s) for the purpose to hold this contest; including but not limited to reproduce, copy and publish your video(s) for the voting. Although we do not plan to use your design(s) for further purposes (unless you are picked as the winner or nominee see below) we cannot rule out that we might develop and publish a video that you might consider as looking similar to your video(s). With this regard, you understand that such similarity is most likely caused by the limited designing possibilities due to the look and feel of Hunt: Showdown and that assets/gameplay etc. of Hunt: Showdown are used by you to create your video(s). As a prerequisite for your participation in this contest, you therefore irrevocably waive any claim connected to any asserted infringement of any intellectual property rights of you by us. In any case, you acknowledge and agree to settle any such discussions with us amicable and will not take any legal actions against us. In the event that the aforementioned waiver should be invalid because of applicable law, you acknowledge and agree that in no case will you be entitled to a compensation higher than the commercial value of the reward provided to a nominee (two Hunt: Showdown DLC keys of their choice, custom Hunt: Showdown Video Awards t-shirt and an additional Hunt: Showdown shirt of their choice from our merch store) in this contest for any use of your video(s) by us.

If you are picked as one of the nominees/winners, you grant to us the perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, sub-licensable right and license to upload and broadcast your contest video on all of Crytek's channels. You acknowledge that the only compensation for the foregoing license are the rewards provided in this contest.

By submitting your video, you confirm that you are over 18 years old and that you are entitled to grant us licenses as described above. You confirm that you created the video on your own or that you have all the necessary rights to grant us a license as described above. Further, you confirm that you have read and understand any rules and further terms and conditions of this contest.

Any attempts at cheating or fraud are prohibited and will lead to a full disqualification of your submission(s) and your exclusion from the contest, as well as the possibility of exclusion to future contests. In such a case, we reserve all legal rights and actions; including but not limited to legal action for damages.

By submitting your video via Facebook, Instagram, or X (Twitter) you acknowledge that (i) this contest is not associated to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or X and (ii) that you and not Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or X provide any material submitted by you in this contest and (iii) that you indemnify Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or X from any claim associated with your participation in the contest.

We expressly reserve the right to cancel this contest or to modify/amend the rules and/or Further Terms and Conditions without any announcement and at our sole discretion.

The respective winner(s) of any rewards of this contest is entitled only to receive the reward as described herein. In no case the monetary value of the reward is paid out to the respective winner(s). If Prices/monetary value of the rewards/prizes listed herein only serve as information to their value. Further, we do not provide any warranty of any kind for the rewards.

This contest is governed by the laws of Germany. Any legal action is excluded; including but not limited to any legal action with regard to the selection of the winners and the evaluation of the entries submitted to the contest.

This contest is provided by: Crytek GmbH, Hugo-Junkers-Strasse 3, 60386 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Amtsgericht Frankfurt a.M., HRB-Number.: 77322

Privacy Notice

Any personal data which is submitted by you to us in the course of this contest is only used for holding this contest. To consider your video within this contest we have to process your social media account name which is used by you to submit your video. If you are picked as one of the winners and/or nominee we might need additional personal data from you in order to deliver the rewards to you. Such data necessary for the delivery (e.g. your address) might be shared with delivery services or manufacturers/distributors of the rewards for the purpose of the delivery only. You agree that your name or nickname will be publicly announced on our websites and/or our social media channels in case you become one of the nominees and/or winners of this contest. You may withdraw your consent at any time. Please note that such a withdrawal might lead to the result that we cannot nominate/announce you as a nominee and/or winner and/or the impossibility to deliver the rewards to you. The legal basis for the data processing with regard to this contest is Art. 6 (1) 1 lit (b) General Data Protection Regulation and Art. 6 (1) 1 lit (a) General Data Protection Regulation. The controller of your personal data is Crytek GmbH, Hugo-Junkers-Strasse 3, 60386 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

At any time you have the right to:

-Request a copy of the data we have stored for your person, for the receiver or category of receivers of your transmitted personal for the purpose of storing.

-Request that your data be deleted or corrected, in the case that you have changed your mind or the data is incorrect (as far as possible according to applicable law).

- Object to the further processing or demand a restriction concerning the processing of your personal data.

- Withdraw a given consent.

-Request to port your personal data.

- Lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

To contact us about any data related questions, please email our Data Protection Officer:

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