August 24, 2017

Tools of the Trade Developer's Diary

Hunt's weapons flow out into the world via the tools of his trade. And while he does not work alone, it is with this one—Senior 3D Artist Alexander Asmus—that we were able to speak about their origins. Across an ocean, through time, and past the fourth wall we traveled, and into the florescent light of a game development studio in Frankfurt, Germany where work on Hunt is underway…

Alexander, he tells us, ended up in Frankfurt via a Media Computer Science degree in Dresden and five years at a small games company in Oberhausen. On his first day on the job he was asked to take on Hunt's weapons. “That was pretty exciting for me. Doing guns on a shooter is one of the cooler things you can do because they are always on screen. So that was me coming to Crytek."

But we are here for the guns—which Alexander talks about in some detail in the dev diary embedded below—and so we pressed for more insight into how a new world of weapons unfolds backstage.

“It starts with research. Gun auctions are a good place to find photographs, but some are really hard to come by. I was recently working on the white box of a gun, the Cei-Rigotti, and it is really hard to find material. I found some pictures, but I was missing integral shots of the chamber, as well as a first-person shot, so I had to extrapolate. You look at guns that function similarly and use elements of those that could, in theory, work in reality."

So fiction and fact are blended and mixed, extrapolated and transformed into a unique arsenal. There are many details to attend to and many books to be consulted, and in the end these weapons' mettle is paid out in bounties, their failure in corpses on the battlefield. Though the conception of this arsenal is certainly of interest to us all, the real question is what combination of weapons will allow us to survive? And who better to ask but one who knows them so intimately?

“I like to have one weapon that excels in fighting other players and one weapon that excels in fighting monsters," explained Alexander. “I like the range advantage and high damage when engaging other Hunters. So the Mosin-Nagant is a favorite because if you land the shot to the torso you usually kill the player. For grunts shotguns are the way to go. A shotgun-Mosin combination works really well, but of course you always have to remember that if you die, you lose that equipment."

Take note, Hunters, and while we do not have time for further conversation, you can hear Alexander address the subject himself in the video below.

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