October 18, 2019

Update 1.1 for PC Out Now!

Today we released PC Update 1.1 for Hunt! After our time in Early Access, we're in the habit of releasing frequent updates in response to player feedback, and 1.1 continues in that tradition.

Among the community requests included in Update 1.1 are the Stay in Lobby feature, and the new Choke Bomb, which can extinguish most fires (though it will also make your Hunter cough – and alert others to your location). Other additions coming with the update include the Bornheim Nr 3 Match, improvements to UI, localization, gunplay, and AI, and all-new Legendary content.

The Legendary weapons in Update 1.1 include an elegantly detailed Romero 77 called the Southern Belle, and Sins of the Son, a brutal and bloody Romero 77. In addition to these two new weapons, 1.1 brings with it three Legendary DLC items: the Last Gust, a Legendary Winfield M1873 Swift rifle, and two new Legendary characters: Phantom and Llorona's Heir. The Last Gust DLC can be purchased for 3.99 USD/EUR, while the Phantom and Llorona's Heir DLCs can be purchased for 4.99 USD/EUR each.

Don't own Hunt yet? Get it for PC on Steam or in the Crytek shop, and for Xbox in the Microsoft store.

As always, stop by our Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to let us know what you think about the update!

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