December 13, 2018

Update 4.0 Is LIVE

Happy holidays, Hunters! It's time to roll out Update 4.0—and it includes a brand new game mode, gunplay changes, daily and weekly challenges, world improvements, AI improvements, audio improvements, and a whole bunch of other things you can read all the details about in the update's patch notes.

The biggest of these additions is the new game mode: Quickplay. By community request, you can now choose between a classic match of Hunt and a shorter Quickplay match that streamlines the Hunt experience. Here's the rundown: a round of Quickplay contains up to ten solo players who must race to absorb energy from a limited pool—called the Wellspring—that is depleting as the counter ticks downwards. To do this, players must find and close four Rifts. Closing the Rifts activates the Wellspring, and that player immediately begins to absorb its energy. Meanwhile, they have become a target for the Hunters left on the map hoping to steal their prize, and must remain alive—and stay close to the source—in order to win. The winner gets to keep their Hunter and any loot they've found during the match. You can learn more about how it works here.

The addition of daily and weekly challenges was also a community-requested feature that we've been able to add for Update 4.0. Challenges are updated daily on your Bloodline screen, and can earn you a variety of in-game rewards. Weekly challenges will run for seven days, while the daily challenges will expire after 24 hours. If you have not completed a challenge by the end of the time period, your progress will be lost.

Meanwhile, Update 4.0 also introduces our first set of quality-of-life improvements for gunplay, including faster and normalized animation timings across the arsenal, grenade throwing, and aiming down sight after selecting a weapon. Performance should continue to improve thanks to bugfixes aimed at optimization, and the game's audio has also seen a lot of developer attention, with improvements and bugfixes across the board.

Don't own Hunt yet? You can buy Hunt now on Steam—and it's currently 25% off! You can stay up-to-date on the latest from Hunt and leave us feedback on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the Steam forums.

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