March 12, 2019

Update 5.0 Is LIVE!

Update 5.0 has just hit the live servers, so players beware, the Immolator is now wandering free, just waiting to make your life hell. See him in action in the video below, read about how he was made in a behind-the-scenes blog post , and make sure to follow our Instagram to learn more about his technical side this week on our Instagram story with Junior Technical Designer Bence Kovacs!

Update 5.0 also includes a new weapon, the Bornheim No. 3, which is a semi-automatic pistol that uses compact ammo, has a high rate of fire, and benefits from the use of the Bulletgrubber trait.

Perhaps most notably, Update 5.0 brings ALL times of day to the Lawson Delta map, so you can now hunt there in Daylight, Nighttime, Golden, and Foggy lighting. Get a look at the visuals in our lighting teaser trailer below.

That isn't all that the update contains, and you can read about all the other things it includes in the update patch notes right here.

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