May 28, 2019

Update 6.1 is now LIVE!

Update 6.1 is live and among the many changes are a number of long-standing community requests, including an FOV slider, audio improvements, boss improvements, changes to interactions with world items, and adjustments to how reviving a Hunter relates to burning damage.

Hunt: Showdown's new FOV slider lets you adjust the horizontal field of view from the default of 80 degrees to 110 degrees, using the Game Options tab. The starting animations for world items, including bear traps, lanterns, hammers, and axes, now begin more quickly, which means you can put those items into action all the faster. In addition, reviving another Hunter will now stop burning damage – assuming your Hunter isn't lying in a fire zone.

But, of course, that isn't all that was included in the update, and every Hunt: Showdown update contains tweaks, changes, and additions on multiple fronts. The Spectator Mode camera has gotten a lot of attention, and now when spectating, players can see the name, rank, and prestige of the spectatee on the lower right-hand side of the screen. Stats such as how many rifts that player has closed, will also be displayed – and players can expect more changes to come for Spectator Mode; this is just the beginning. The Assassin – Hunt: Showdown's newest boss – received a few adjustments as well and now takes more fire damage, as well as having had bugs removed that caused it to get stuck in a wall or on the ceiling when killed.

To see all the changes and fixes we have done in this update, please read the full patch notes here.

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