April 06, 2020

What We’re Doing About Cheaters Playing Hunt: Showdown

They are annoying and they can ruin your day: cheaters suck. We know. Today we're here to tell you what we're doing about it.

As Hunt's player base continues to increase, more cheat developers have started creating “tools" – aka cheats – for our game. We know exactly how frustrating encountering one of these cheats can be. So first thing's first: what should you do if you think you've encountered one of them?

How to Report a Cheater in Hunt

There are two main ways to report a player for cheating. Take your pick:

- Select "Report player" on the death screen.

- Send a ticket to https://huntshowdown.kayako.com/, and select the "Report Misconduct" category.

What Happens After I've Reported a Cheater?

Once you're reported a player for cheating, several things happen, depending on which method you've used.

Reports sent to us via the death screen “Report Player" function include information about the kill (for example, whether it was a headshot, whether it came through a wall, what the distance from the killer was). This report is permanently attached to the profile of the player you reported. Don't worry about troll-report however – the main purpose of saving this evidence is to track the bigger picture if an account is being reported frequently. Players who are reported frequently are then monitored, and where appropriate, we will request that Easy Anti-Cheat investigate further.

When we receive a report via Kayako, we take a look at the reported player's statistics, match history, and in-game reports, and follow up by requesting an investigation from Easy Anti-Cheat.

How Does Easy Anti-Cheat Investigate Cheaters?

First, Easy Anti-Cheat assigns an Analyst to the case to review the available data. The details of these investigations are not publically available for two reasons: player privacy and in order ensure that cheat developers do not obtain details about the process that might help them write more advanced cheats.

If Easy Anti-Cheat can verify use of a third-party application that could provide an unfair advantage over other Hunters, they will permanently ban the offending account. Bans for cheating are always definitive. We have a zero-tolerance policy for cheaters.

Why won't you give me details about the investigation results?!

Unfortunately, we cannot share any of the details of the investigation with the reporter or the reported for the reasons mentioned above. We know this can be frustrating, but we hope that understanding the process behind that policy will make it a little easier to understand.

A few numbers from the last few months:

- January: 430 players banned

- February: 443 players banned

- March: 566 players banned

Goodbye, Cheaters

Playing Hunt: Showdown should be fun, and it should be fair. We take the fight against cheating seriously, and we will continue to refine our anti-cheat measures to stop cheaters from ruining the fun.


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