January 25, 2019

What we’re doing about performance in Hunt.

First of all, we want to say that we're sorry for our radio silence lately. We've been putting all of our energy in the past several weeks into improving Hunt's performance. We all want new content, but we have agreed that until the game is performing so as to provide the majority of players with a fun and consistent experience, we will be prioritizing performance optimization.

We want to provide a smoother experience for all players, and we are currently focused on ensuring we meet or exceed the performance we had during 3.0. We have identified a number of issues that could cause frame drops or stalls, most notably an issue that can cause drops when players are moving around/approaching compounds. We have been focused on CPU mostly and are testing solutions to get these fixes out to you via patches asap.

The first of these patches will return users to the levels of performance we had achieved pre-4.0, and after that we will release a larger update with further optimizations to the game as a whole.

At the same time, we are making some changes to our Roadmap, including how often we deploy new content and patches in general. Though we can't reveal those details yet, the key point here is this: we will be focusing 100% on performance for the foreseeable future. The entire team—across all disciplines—will be focusing on this.

There will be more announcements soon, the next likely to be when we are finished reworking our Roadmap to reflect these internal changes and can share it with you.

Improving performance is an ongoing process, and we will continue to share as much information, as quickly as we can. Watch this space for updates, and thanks for being a part of the Hunt journey.

- The Hunt Team

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