December 15, 2021

Winter Solstice Event

This is a special time for many. The trees begin to sleep, and some mammals go into hibernation. Birds fly to warmer places and the nights grow cooler. The Wheel of the Year grows closer to finishing its cycle and that means celebration is at hand.

There is no doubt that things have been hard. Every single person here has had to fight demons both within and outside of themselves. Every death seen, every life taken, every battle fought has had us running on that Wheel just so we could reach its end. And here we are ever closer to another year wiser with breath filling our lungs and blood still pumping in our veins despite everything. Despite everything that's happened we are alive, and we can still fight, and God be damned if that isn't worth celebrating.

That's probably why they came here to New Orleans, those men shrouded in cloak and wreath. They called themselves kings and gave us the means to bring festivities to the bayou and forget it all for a while. But it wasn't free, nothing ever is, and now we must pay or else the Wheel will break.

For 21 days, earn 10,000 points or more to celebrate the Winter Solstice and earn rewards sure to light up this sacred time of year. Head to those familiar hunting grounds around Louisiana and earn Event Points by:

  • Destroying Solstice Tributes – 6 EP
  • Destroying Solstice Tributes under Ornamental Trees- 12 EP (6 points per Tribute)
  • Investigate Event clues/rifts - 16 EP
  • Destroying Solstice Tributes dropped by bosses - 18 EP (6 points per Tribute)
  • Looting Hunter corpse – 20 EP

For the Winter Solstice Event, running from December 15 th to January 5th, there will be no cap for event points. Were you able to get all the rewards but still want to destroy solstice tributes? Don't worry: Each point extra you make after earning all the rewards will give you 1 Hunt Dollar. Time is on your side to get legendary items fit for the season, so slay away Hunter!

Introducing Mr. Orwell Chary and the Chary Contracts

We don't know where he came from exactly, just that he came with the cold. One day he appeared in the AHA headquarters and said that he was here to help, if you're willing to pay the price…

Premiering in the Winter Solstice event are Chary's Contracts : Bind your fate in Mr. Orwell's special ink and he'll guarantee that you get a percentage boost to your Event Points for a certain amount of time depending on which contract you sign. Mr. Chary also guarantees that entering a contract with him will allow you to see Event Items in Dark Sight farther than normal. And while it will not increase boost percentage or distance in dark sight, you can enter multiple contracts with Mr. Orwell to extend your boost time. See what benefits each contract gives below:

· Chary's Implied Contract- Boost Event Points by 50% for 2 hours.

· Chary's Fixed Contract- Boost Event Points by 50% for 24 hours.

· Chary's Express Contract- Boost Event Points by 50% for 3 days.

· Chary's Binding Contract- Boost Event Points by 50% for 7 days.

Mr. Chary is even offering a trial for the Hunter who loves a deal: Head to the Event Store and purchase the Event Boost Bundle to receive a contract, bonus Event Points, and the exclusive legendary Nagant M1895 Officer Widow's Bounty.

Event Gear

Throwing Axe: Calling Bird

It is said that wherever a cloud of calling birds go, death is sure to follow. Any Hunter can easily serve the reaper by letting these sharp Throwing Axes fly.

Quad Derringer: Evergreen

Winter's branches bared and decked in silvery frost serene. This Derringer defies the rule and rings out evergreen.

Fire Bottle: Spirit of Yule

Oils of evergreen and peppermint fill the air with a delightful scent once this powerful Firebomb goes off. The smell from the ensuing inferno is almost enough to cover the scent of burning flesh.

Winfield 1873 Swift: The Mountain King

In the dark halls of The Mountain King, a powerful creature sleeps the winter away, dreaming of spring's bloody bounty. In the hands of a Hunter, this Winfield 1873 Swift brings those sanguine dreams to life.

Cavalry Sabre: Corvus

Graceful and ominous, like a crow gliding towards its prize, this elegant cane becomes a deadly sabre when blood needs to be spilled. Its handle aims to terrorize its victims, and the horror in their eyes is a proof of success.

Legendary Hunter: Devil's Advocate

Henry Trapp is a good man at a cost: When the bad in him builds up, he dons the devil's mask to release his dark urges. All turned a blind eye because of the good Henry did, but when the hunt began, for the sake of the innocent, they sent him to it.

Did you miss out on last year's holiday legendries? Not to worry Hunter, go to the Event Store to purchase Cold Snap, Winter Rose, Nutcracker, Hailstorm, and Skinflint either individually or in a discounted bundle.


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